What Is Human Growth Hormone? An Anti-Aging Miracle or A Wonder Hormone What is Human Growth Hormone ✔

There is much ado about HGH and we often come across some outrageous claims about this hormone. Human growth hormone and its products have their own importance but you need to differentiate the help from the hype. Read on to get some sound advice on HGH use.

What is Human Growth Hormone

You must have heard some high claims on HGH. It’s a wonder drug that can make you a super man! With HGH supplements, your IGF-1 levels will get sky high. Or witness an overnight growth of your muscles simply by spraying HGH on your nose and other similar praises. All this just leaves you blurry eyed whenever you read about this fancy story on HGH.

Certainly, it’s a wonder that can have some terrific results for you but that doesn’t mean that everyone just continues to fabricate the whole HGH story. However, we can be of help to you here. We will give you the real facts on HGH that will wash away all your confusions and you will be able to differentiate the facts from fiction. So let’s start with the basics and unravel the possible role of Human  Growth Hormone against aging.

What is human growth hormone?

Human growth hormones popularly known as HGH are the core controlling hormones that are responsible for various functionalities in the human body. The presence of this hormone in blood can give you youth, energy, vitality, beauty and resilience. This growth hormone human promotes the normal growth of body tissues. Human growth hormone is basically the largest hormone molecule produced by the bean shaped pituitary gland present right underneath the brain. This explains why kids having pituitary disorders suffer from stunted growth. Clearly, in the absence of HGH or reduced human hormone growth, normal tissue growth is hampered.

If you are still wondering what is human growth hormone, then here are some more facts on it. HGH is an abundant and complex molecule. It comprises of 191 amino acids making it quite a large molecule for a hormone. Growth hormone – human is in fact the largest protein secreted by the pituitary gland. Its secretion reaches a peak during adolescence and triggers the human tissue to grow. Although, the secretion of HGH is not at its peak after adolescence but it never completely stops secreting. The body still keeps on producing some short bursts of growth hormone human when you are in deep sleep.

HGH like testosterone will fall

After you cross your middle age, the Human Growth hormone will decline sharply such that there will be a 14% decrease every year. The faster your HGH declines, the more will it fan the flames of aging. Whereas, by replenishing HGH back in to your system will help you override various signs of aging that can be linked to weight gain, and other disorder. In fact, increased human growth hormone is known to delay signs of aging like wrinkles, acne, bone denseness, and loss of lean muscles.

What is human growth hormone role?

After going through that boring definition on HGH this part of the story will appear to be a thriller yet easily digestible for the reader. As you will read on, you will explore the role of this vital hormone in your body. It is responsible for:

  • Converting body fat in to muscle mass
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Tissue repair and growth
  • Healing
  • Brain function
  • Bone strength
  • Sexual function
  • Maintaining vitality and health of organs

Just about any function within your body is somehow linked to the production and regulation of human hormone growth. This is precisely the reason why HGH is known as the fountain of youth. With increased HGH levels, you will start to feel young again both physically and mentally.

What is human growth hormone secretion level?

Well in this case, there is a good and bad news. Let’s start with the goodies first. Your body always produces some amount of HGH without which normal functioning of your body will cease. The worst part is that as you go beyond 20 years of age, there is a marked decline in growth hormone human with each passing year. By the time, you are 60, your body will probably be producing 75% lesser level, then the amount your body produced during adolescence. A bit of math here will help you understand the average levels of hormones secreted with age.

  • At 20 years the average secretion is 500 microgram/day
  • At 40 years the average secretion is 200 microgram/day
  • At 80 years the average secretion is reduced to 25 microgram/day

Effects of Human Growth Hormone This means our body really needs HGH supply as we age but the million dollar question is why human growth hormone level declines as we age. This question actually ties into another one “Is aging preventable”. Since ages, people have believed that our body wears out as we age. They used medical science to support this belief and their theory was that all our organs, bones and tissues have a particular life span after which all tissues will start to degenerate making you weak. If a 40 year old guy turns up and said that he can’t do what he could at 20, everyone would accept that as a natural part of aging. But here’s the kicker: preventing or delaying aging is possible to some extent. That doesn’t mean you start thinking of immortality. The fact is that your body has the same structure and makeup at the age of 40 as it was at 20. However, the thing that makes you feel old is that reduction in the levels of a vital hormone.

Now here comes the roller coaster!

If you haven’t yet realized what human growth hormone significance is, then it’s time to get enlightened.  There have been some groundbreaking studies that prove the positive effects HGH in the body. However, the recombinant growth hormone human is only available in injection because this large hormone cannot be administered in the form of pill, spray or powder. Those who take HGH therapy experience a marked gain in their lean body mass, loss in excessive body fat without even changing their diet or activity. After taking proper diet and exercise, the effects of human growth hormone can be multiplied. Other advantages of elevated HGH levels include:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Better cardiac output
  • Superior immune function
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Increased exercise performance
  • Better kidney function
  • Stronger bones
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Faster wound healing
  • Rejuvenated and young skin
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Hair regrowth
  • Elimination of cellulite
  • Mood elevation
  • Sharper vision
  • Proper sleep

Sounds like HGH is a good thing but a word of caution to those who want their youth back faster than anything: too high HGH can have greater risks. So consult a physician or an expert on the matter.

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