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The needs of a woman’s body are quite different from that of a man. An aging lady however needs HGH injections for women to improve her health and feel younger and stronger.

Human Growth Hormone Injections for Women

Just like any drug will affect men and women differently, HGH injections for women have different effects over women and have several different implications. The dosage they require is different and so are the precautions and measures they ought to take. The bottom line is the same i.e. it restores the growing capability of our body because that’s what Human Growth Hormone does.

The Apparent Signs of HGH deficiency

There are several signs in women when she starts noticing that she is aging or facing problems that indicate HGH deficiency. Many of these problems may start appearing when she crosses the age of 50. However after noticing these signs you should consult your physician rather than starting HGH injections yourselves.

  • Women start experiencing the whitening of their hair or may even be facing the falling of hair. Furthermore they might be experiencing the thinning of hair.
  • A very evident sign could be a low immunity in which case you would not likely heal from any injury or viral infection easily.
  • Just like men women also start feeling decreasing energy levels as they age up. Hence they start feeling tired and exhausted very often. They also feel dizziness or might even faint after the weariness.
  • Women also get unnecessary fat and weight around the abdomen and the waist.
  • Besides the apparent issues, women also start feeling the psychological and mental effects of low HGH in their system. These could be excessive nervousness, anxiousness, or too much depression and tension.
  • Gaining weight could be one of the most apparent signs since women are most concerned about their weight and they could easily feel if they are running high on it.
  • Sleeping patterns will be heavily affected. Women with low HGH levels tend to have sleepless nights and later on feel drowsy and uneasy. Insomnia is a common effect of low human growth hormone.
  • In such cases women tend to have low libido and the desire to have sex decreases considerably.
  • Exercising capabilities are reduced to a great deal and even exercising, women feel severe exhaustion.

All these symptoms are evident signs of low HGH levels and you become eligible for HGH injections or treatment.

Women HGH Therapy

Women might need HGH therapy for several valid reasons. HGH therapy or treatment may help them overcome the frequent reoccurrences of pain and menses at the beginning of menopause or amenorrhea. HGH therapy includes the use of several drugs like estradiol or estrone sulphate for reducing any kind of problems occurring during sex. Similarly it will help against loss of bones after beginning the phase of menopause.

Similarly HGH injections for women are delivered against menses of endometrial cancer during menopause. Similarly the use of oestrogen in severe amenorrhea may restart the menses and if this therapy fails then it could be the indication of some tumor in the glands. HGH injections could be a good shield against cardiovascular diseases in women since it decreases LDL and rises HDL levels.

Dosage of HGH injections for women

The general recommendation of HGH dosage for women varies from around 5 to 9IU on a weekly basis. This makes up a daily dose of around 1 to 1.8 IU in the case of women. Even though this dosage would be ideal and very effective for most women, yet you need a thorough consultations with your trusted physician who will guide you best whether or not you need a HGH dosage and what amounts do your require.

For the cases of women who need to burn down the excess of fats deposited, a dosage of around 2IUs a day for 5 days which would then be accompanied by a two day break will do the job. This dosage will burn the deposits of unwanted fats in the body and will achieve a satisfactory overall body weight. According to several researches, women need more dosage of HGH injections than men for the same problem of rising weight.

A dosage of around 2 to 3 IU a day will not have any particular side effects for women while it may be dangerous for men. Sometimes the women are too sensitive and cannot bear even a minimal dosage of HGH injections. A simple dose of 1 IU a day would make them over energetic and erratic. So according to the studies of several women, it is better the dosage should be given by their concerned doctors.

Similarly a dose of around 2 IU with thyroid hormone and Clenbutterol could be termed as very effective and will produce really amazing effects of weight reduction for most women. These drugs catalyze the fat burning process.

Similarly for women who need to use HGH for their cosmetic reasons should use a dosage around 12.5 microgram on a weekly basis for the beginning. After following this dose for several months this dose could be increased but it should be kept within the limits of 75 micrograms weekly.

According to a reliable study, it was discovered that a woman aged around 54 years old who was given HGH injections of around 2IU a day was able to strengthen her reproductive system. Therefore this research could even say that HGH can increase fertility in woman.

HGH and pregnancy

Although it is said that HGH can raise fertility to some extent yet doctors still never advice to have HGH injections for women while they are pregnant. In some cases however they do reduce the already started HGH injections to a minimal amount so that it may not cause any excessive harm to the baby.

Buy HGH Injections for Women HGH or Human Growth hormone is as important a hormone for women as it is for men. It can even be said that women need it in large quantities but there are several considerations they should be careful about. For instance they should avoid its use during pregnancy. Otherwise the effects on a woman’s body are tremendous and much more yielding than that in men. Besides the growing part, HGH injections for women can help in menopause and reproductive functions as well.

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