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Most men probably don’t like to hear this, however, when it comes to growth hormone, it will hit its lowest ebb when male menopause occurs. Only an HGH therapy for men can help you then.

HGH Therapy for Men

We can bet, most of the men out there have no idea that lack of human growth hormone can cause them so much unrest. In the absence of this hormone, adult males can have conditions like weight gain, prominent loss in strength, noticeable loss in energy, low sex drive and unusual decline of ambition. This condition precisely known as male menopause can be treated by HGH therapy for men.

Determining the levels of growth hormone is not always easy, unless you go in for a couple of blood tests. Most of the symptoms of low HGH can very easily mimic the signs of reduced testosterone levels. Excessive fatigue, low sex drive, loss of muscles and bone mass etc all result from reduced HGH or testosterone. As far as the low hormone symptoms are concerned HGH and testosterone seem to be the same thing. However, self diagnosis is possible and you can get a hint of lacking hormone yourself.

In fact, if you know how to find out which hormone deficiency you are suffering from, you will see it’s not as difficult as you might have thought. Let’s get over with some clues in this regard.

Low HGH symptoms in men

Do you think HGH therapy for men is your only way out of depressing aging signs? As you read on, you will discover how HGH therapy for men can put those signs to rest.

HGH goes hand in hand with deep sleep

By taking 7-8 hours of uninterrupted, deep and sound sleep, you can rest assured that you have scored pretty much of nocturnal HGH. Science has proved that most of the growth hormone produced in your system is made when you get a sound sleep. On the flip side if you are tossing and turning in your bed and unable to take an uninterrupted sleep of at least 7 hours, then you need to be wary about your hormone levels.

But then here’s another thing you need to look out for! It’s called excessive dreaming. Your memorable dreaming is the time when there is rapid eye movement and the levels of HGH decline. In the middle of a heavy sleep, dreams are hard to recall so your pituitary gland will be busy restoring normal growth hormone levels. You might need HGH therapy for men if your hormone levels get too low which would be marked by lack of comforting sleep. No matter how much you try to sleep properly, you will end up with heavy eyes there is problem in growth hormone department.

Wrinkled skin to follow with reduced growth hormone

Your skin has some of the most evident clues about human growth hormones. Human skin gets saggy with the appearance of wrinkles in old age and this condition cannot be entirely prevented. However, HGH therapy for men can certainly slow the process as it manipulates and restores your natural HGH levels. If these clues aren’t enough, then here’s a solid fact to prove this claim.

From a study conducted by Dr. Daniel Rudman, boosting HGH levels in elderly men can reduce wrinkles and increase skin thickness by 7.1%. This is depicted from the skin on your arms. In fact, after taking HGH therapy for men, you can get a snap shot of that region to get an idea that your hormones therapy is finally working.

In catabolic or anabolic phase

After a good night sleep, if you wake up with a mild pump, there is a possibility that you have scored a good dose of nocturnal HGH. Contrary to this, if you have been apparently sleeping for hours and still you wake up feeling weak, exhausted like you were never in bed, then your night was in catabolic mode. If you constantly spend nights in this mode, there can be some really damaging effects on your health.

HGH therapy for men

The symptoms of aging and male menopause start at the age of 35 and since then it’s a downhill. There are some natural as well as synthetic means of hormonal replacement available in men. And according to convention most men will pick the natural treatment option. In case of natural hrt replacement, bio identical hormones are administered. Although bio-identical hormones are synthetically manufactured, they completely mimic the structure and function of natural growth hormone. Hence they work just like your natural HGH would. Bio-identical replacement hormone is quite safe as compared to other releasers or synthetic supplements. Normally, the most effective route of giving HGH therapy for men is through injections.

HGH therapy for men at AA Life Corp

At AA Life Corp, you can be a part of medically supervised programs aimed to provide a suitable HGH therapy for men. Hormones therapy along with a customized fitness plan actually helps in alleviating the sufferings of millions of men. After a certain age, you will have visible symptoms of andropause (male menopause). The qualified doctors at AA Life Corp will suggest HGH therapy for men that can help them regain their lost health and confidence.

It is common knowledge that hormonal imbalance gives rise to various chronic health issues and increase your chances of having cardiovascular diseases. The physicians here will offer hormone replacement treatment program having:

  • Sessions and check-ups with doctors who have specialized in bio-identical hormones for men
  • Comprehensive testing for hormone levels from the patient’s saliva, blood and urine samples
  • Recommendations for a suitable HGH therapy for men
  • Guidance for nutrition and healthy lifestyle
  • Other customized fitness programs for men

HGH therapy for men – testing and evaluation of symptoms

HGH for Men Apparent signs like mood swings, loss of libido and other signs of aging tell a lot about your hormonal deficiencies. This is why the affiliated physicians from AA Life Corp will evaluate your low HGH symptoms through a series of diagnostic tests from tests on blood, urine and saliva and will suggest HGH therapy for men after evaluating the results from the tests. There is likelihood that you are prescribed a dose of bio-identical replacement hormone. After going on HGH therapy for men, you will be called to monitor or re-assess your hormone levels to make sure an optimum balance of human growth hormone is maintained.

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