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It’s a well accepted fact that as you age, your hormone levels decline. In order to maintain the normal function of the body, HGH levels in blood need to be modulated. This is especially true for HGH and sex hormones. Currently, HGH injections cost is the biggest impediment to HRT replacement therapy.

HGH Injections Cost

You must have caught a wind of the hype around human growth hormone. The recombinant growth hormone is touted as a wonder drug capable of building your lean muscle mass, reducing baldness in males, and setting you free of that excessive belly fat. With all these associated benefits, one might start to consider HGH a miracle drug. Certainly, synthetic growth hormone has various advantages which explains why HGH injections cost is so high. Moreover, HGH injections boost your energy levels and restore your lost sex drive.

When you are in your early teens, your natural growth hormone helps in growth and if there is some physical damage, growth hormone helps you recover fast. But with age there is a decline in growth hormone production and the rate of recovery slows down. This is just the beginning of complications. Other signs of aging gradually follow. Your skin gets sagged, you put on weight at an alarming rate and the bones get brittle. You no longer enjoy your sex life or sleep.

Incidentally, medical science happens to have a cure for this condition. With HGH injections, you can recover from old age symptoms and supplement the body’s natural growth hormone concentration. However, for a slimmer physique, better sleep and benefits of youth you might have to pay a steep price. It’s true that HGH injections cost is not bearable for everyone. If you get hormone replacement therapy from a renowned anti-aging clinic, you might have to spend $300 to $800 within a month. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t have this much money to spend on HRT treatment.

Things you should know before inquiring HGH injections cost

Growth hormone supplements taken through tablets or sprays are not as effective as injectable HGH formulations. For best results, you need to use growth hormone injections that are applied either intramuscular or subcutaneous. Growth hormone injections comprising of secretagogues are mostly amino acids that make the pituitary gland liberate natural growth hormone.

Another form of growth hormone injections is the recombinant one. They are synthetically made to depict and function like human growth hormone. In the following section you will find how it is manufactured. Due to this new technology, HGH injections cost is incredibly increased.

Nonetheless, there is a variation in HGH injections cost according to the prescribed dosage, your location and the distributor brand. If there are more fillers in the formulation, the HGH injections cost will automatically decline. However, if you are smart, you wouldn’t risk buying such a product just because it’s cheap.

Buy HGH injections online

This just leaves a buyer confused about HGH injections cost. You might probably end up searching the internet to find out how to get growth hormone. But it turns out that you are stuck in the middle of conflicting information. After getting prescription from a reliable doctor it’s completely safe to use online portal if you intend to search growth hormone injections. You just need to be on your guard against scams because many products are sold by reducing HGH injections cost at the stake of lowering its quality.

How growth hormone is manufactured

It’s fairly difficult to synthesize human growth hormone because the structure is quite complex comprising of 191 amino acids. HGH is manufactured since 1985 using the recombinant DNA technology. This is perhaps the reason why HGH injections cost is too high. In recombinant DNA technology, the animal cells are given a gene that directs the synthesis of Human growth hormone. These recombinant cells are then grown through tissue culture techniques where they synthesize this hormone which is identical to the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

The most effective route of administration

Sadly, growth hormone size is too big and so it cannot be absorbed orally from mucous membranes. By taking it in the form of pills, there is a possibility that the hormone gets deactivated due to the enzymes in stomach. Hence the best way to administer recombinant HGH is to give its shots under the skin.

How to use HGH injections

Injectable HGH Cost Besides purchasing the HGH product, you also need to get disposable syringes for self administration according to doctor’s prescriptions. Since it’s not feasible for the patient to visit the clinic twice a day for 6 days a week to get the shots, it is advised that you learn to inject it. Besides the HGH injections cost, self injecting might also be a little complicated in the beginning but after second or third time practice, it becomes less complicated. Subcutaneous injections don’t require the syringe to penetrate deeply as compared to the intra muscular or intravenous injections.

The most convenient site for subcutaneous injection is the anterior abdomen famously known as the belly. However, the injection site should not be very close to the belly button. Select the spot and wipe it with alcohol and allow it to air dry. Pinch a small fold of skin and hold it up. The entire needle has to be inserted while keeping it 90 degree angle. Inject the fluid slowly and recover the needle quickly once the syringe has been emptied. Use the cotton soaked in alcohol for a while to hold the pressure on injection site.

HGH injections cost vs. service

For most HGH injections cost is hard to swallow. However, the fact of the matter is that growth hormone replacement in adults is a complete treatment program that requires tests, physical analysis, and then the correct amount of medication is prescribed after going through the complete bloodwork. In some cases, complementary medications are also provided to supplement the growth hormone therapy procedure

HGH injections cost

Growth hormone injections are not for everyone and the price tag is the indicator of this fact. It’s a solution that is considered by those who can afford $3000 a year for achieving anti-aging and rejuvenation benefits. However, before opting for growth hormone replacement therapy treatment, you need to realize that it cannot turn you into some unbeatable machine. In future, the HGH injections cost will reduce further. So far, the price has reduced without compromising the quality and the product will become more affordable in future as well.

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