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Low testosterone in blood is accompanied by some alarming symptoms. The sooner you know of this deficiency, the faster a treatment you can get.

Low Testosterone

It’s common to have bounce in testosterone levels throughout the day. However, when the levels get too low, there will be some apparent changes. Low testosterone seriously affects a man’s health. In fact, testosterone is the chemical in men that makes them men. So how would it feel if someone starts to lose their masculinity?

When there is rush of testosterone during puberty, it builds muscles, bones and deepens the voice of a teenager. Apart from that, this hormone is responsible to rev up their sex drive. When you have low t all these features will start to revert.

What are your chances?

The levels of testosterone will start to decline steadily in your blood once you are above the age of 30. Initially, the decline rate will be 1 -2% every year. It is until the middle age that you will start to feel any change. By the middle age all men will have some decline in their testosterone levels. Yet, there is a percentage of men who will have far lower levels of testosterone than what is normal for their age. This is where you really need to worry. Around 13 million American men over the age of 45 have low testosterone. So don’t count yourself out because you stand a pretty good chance.

Low testosterone – normal aging or a medical condition

Having low testosterone in your blood is part of aging. This explains why most men start to lose their vigor and get slack as they age. All these symptoms that show up in middle aged men can very well be linked to male menopause. It doesn’t mean complete shutdown but the gradual decline of hormonal level. In some cases, it is the result of medical condition or some diseases.

Low testosterone – health effects

Very few of us are actually aware of the long-term effects of low testosterone. It is linked to some chronic medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, depression and might even lead to cardiovascular diseases. There is fair bit of evidence that the conditions leading to cardiovascular diseases, obesity can also be the cause of low testosterone. But one thing is certain that low testosterone is a marker of your declining health.

Testosterone is responsible for building bones and low testosterone can lead to thinning of bone which can result in osteoporosis. Men tentative to get hip fractures have low testosterone. As of now, there is no evidence that testosterone will reduce fracture risk, yet a physician would suggest testosterone to a man with low bone density.

Low testosterone causes

You are probably aware of the crucial role testosterone plays in a man’s life. It’s actually the stuff responsible for the growth of facial hair, deepening of voice and for sperm production. When your testosterone levels are down, your libido can plummet. Let’s find out some of the possible causes of low testosterone.


It common knowledge that men start to age after 40 and testosterone levels start to decline after that and there is a permanent decrease of about 1% every year. When you reach 70 years of your age, your testosterone levels will have declined by 30%. But this is not certain. Around three fourth of aging men have normal hormone levels even when they age.


There is a natural tendency in men to convert testosterone into estrogen. Although men already have a certain amount of estrogen for the maintenance of bone density but in men with more fat cells, more testosterone is converted to estrogen leading to decreased testosterone. Hence, try to prevent obesity especially if you are aging.

Some injury in genitals

When the testes have undergone some injury, they can’t produce the normal levels of testosterone. However, if the injury is only in one testicle, the amounts of testosterone produced are normal. The healthy testicle will produce sufficient hormone to maintain the normal levels in blood.

Chemotherapy or radiation

Sometimes, therapies or radiations can cause damage to cells present in male genitals. The cells responsible for making testosterone will start producing normal levels if they recover. However, some radiations cause permanent damage. This can result in sheer decline in testosterone levels.

Intake of anabolic steroids

Some of the anabolic steroids or performance enhancing drugs help you grow stronger and much faster. These are the drugs that athletes or body builders take to improve their performance. These drugs can cause shrinkage of testicles and might also impair testosterone production which explains why using them in this way is illegal.


At times, some infections can also cause low testosterone symptoms to appear. Mumps, syphilis and meningitis are the known infections that can lower testosterone levels.


Although medications are taken for different ailments, some of them can lead to low testosterone. Certain opiates that are taken as painkillers can hinder normal testosterone production.


Different conditions or diseases that lead to tuberculosis, histiocytosis, sarcoidosis, and other inflammations can have affects on pituitary gland or the hypothalamus. These glands are responsible for controlling hormonal production and control the growth of various tissues and organs of the body.

Elevated levels of iron in blood

When the amount of iron in blood is more than normal, the condition is called hemochromatosis. This increase in iron can cause damage to pituitary gland and testes which can hamper the production of testosterone.

Head trauma and tumors

Depending on the region of head tumor, there is a possibility that the pituitary gland or hypothalamus might get affected. These two organs are the centers that control and regulate the production of hormones in which case, low testosterone symptoms might appear.

How to prevent low testosterone levels

Just like keeping yourself healthy is important for your well being similarly it is vital for normal testosterone levels. Protect your testicles from injuries during sports and exercise regularly to improve your strength. Take a diet high in fiber and incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your life. Monitor your fat intake and try your best to keep it low. Enjoy your sex life but avoid indulgence in abusive drugs and alcohol.

With these simple measures, you can prevent the obvious causes of low testosterone like obesity, cancer. Moreover, you will live a happier and content life. Hence, you will be in a win-win situation.

Should a person with low testosterone get hormone replacement therapy?

Low Testosterone level In most cases, it is advisable to consult your doctor before opting for hormone replacement. This therapy has its own pros and cons. There isn’t any evidence of how much HRT is needed to boost a man’s sexual function. Besides, there are other factors that can influence your sex life just like testosterone can. But one thing is certain, the hormone replacement can work wonders for people with low testosterone levels.

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