Testosterone Replacement- An Appealing and fruitful process for aging men Testosterone Replacement ✔

Lethargy and weariness is constant strain in most aging men’s lives. Testosterone depletion is responsible for it although therapies have miraculous life changing effects.

Testosterone Replacement

As our age is increasing the hormones being manufactured in our system are gradually being decreased and this causes us these problems typical of which is feeling older. It has been proven that after the age of 30, we generally experience such shortfall in our testosterone levels.

You may easily overcome this shortage by a simple therapy of testosterone replacement which will make you feel younger again and will solve all the problems being associated with low levels. You will then experience greater physical and mental agility along with putting off the excess weight you had gained.

Since the introduction of this technique, many of us had questioned its reliability and success rates. Furthermore the influence of media and other critics have always maintained a constant effort to defame testosterone replacement therapy.

How Painful Is This Therapy?

You must first be assured of the fact that you don’t have to be too patient for have testosterone replacement. The whole procedure us as painful as a minor injection you get from the pharmacy. However you have to keep certain tips in mind while injecting these medications into your system:

  • Like majority of the injections, these ones are to be injected in the least responsive areas of the body. Typically these are considered to be the backside and thigh areas. In this way you will feel negligible pain.
  • After applying the testosterone replacement injections, make sure to rub the injected area to allow proper spreading of the medications throughout. This will also minimize any chances of muscle aches or bruises that might pop up later on, hence avoiding any kind of pain.
  • Initially you might have some problems or even experience a little pain. However you must consider that the pain is as little as that caused by a needle. It will definitely get a lot better after a couple of injections.

The above techniques are for the trained nurses and the paramedical staff and you need not worry about them. Rest assured, you will experience negligible pain if you follow the steps carefully. Testosterone replacement injections are a little bit bigger than other hormone injections but still they cause no harm. A little pain experienced might be for the time being only but the outcome is much more pleasant and fruitful.

Side effects to Testosterone injections

Just like any other injection, testosterone injections are pretty harmless and there are no long lasting effects attached to them. You don’t have to worry about some permanent effects after the administration. All you have to do is follow the steps you will for any other injection and rub the area well so that the injected fluid spreads properly and any sort of muscle pulls and problems can be avoided.

Who will benefit from these injections?

At the age of thirty or so, you are likely to experience a fall in testosterone levels and you will definitely require a testosterone injection. All you need is a thorough examination of your blood reports and you will find out through the doctors whether you require these injections. You will likely experience all the benefits you had been deprived of due to your rising age.

Who is eligible for testosterone replacement therapies?

The sure to way of knowing whether or not you require a testosterone therapy is by getting your blood tests. Only then you will find out the testosterone levels in your blood and doctor will recommend the dosage. However as you acquire the age of thirty; you are most probably at risk of getting deficiency in testosterone levels as your body will not be able to produce the required amounts.

From the start we have been blaming the testosterone depletion as a natural and never ending process of aging and leaving it as it is. Fortunately for you, it is easily curable. Initially the signs of low testosterone levels are negligible enough to be noticed but they get prominent with time as the levels decrease further. There are several identifiable characteristics which will help you in deciding whether or not you should go for testosterone replacement injections or not.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: This problem will likely bother you to great extremes as it will be a disturbance in your sexual routines.
  • Reduced sex desires: You will probably be faced by fewer urges to have sex and lesser desires.
  • Loss of Hair: Hair loss is very common in men and many of us experience falling hair at very early ages. However low testosterone levels will cause partial baldness which is easy enough to recognize.
  • Obesity and Putting on weight: Another noticeable sign is putting on weight. Particularly tummies thighs and back are affected due to low t.
  • Mass gaining problems: many of us who are obsessed with mass gaining and body building will have problems in doing so with low testosterone levels.
  • Short term memory and hyper tension: You will find you keep forgetting crucial as well as tiny matters frequently. Furthermore you will face depression and continuous tension which might also make you insomniac.
  • Less Agility and lethargy: With low testosterone levels you will have problems in focusing and feel tired and exhausted very soon with little efforts.

Costs and Expenses

Now that you have understood much about the details about testosterone replacement techniques, you will undoubtedly be concerned about its costs and expenditure. In reality there is no fixed cost for testosterone replacement injections and it changes according to the amount and prescriptions from the doctor. The Doctor prescribes these medications based on your blood reports and your body’s BMI and age.

Replacement Testosterone If you notice any of the above described signs of testosterone shortage then don’t hesitate in consulting your trustworthy doctor. He will recommend the right dosage for you and the plan you should follow for having testosterone replacement. You may then estimate the costs you would have to bear for getting treatment according to your plan. Bear that in mind that a little expense now can change your life entirely and make you more dynamic and remove all unnecessary problems in health.


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