What Is HGH Therapy And Who Needs It? What Is HGH Therapy ✔

Decreasing HGH levels is a common problem in many adults but do you know when it is happening to you? Moreover do you know, what is HGH therapy? It is more than just a treatment people need at old ages.

What is HGH Therapy

The signs of aging are inevitable for every adult no matter how healthy he remains throughout his or her life. The basic reasons behind these signs are the depletion of the human growth hormones in our system which is produced by the pituitary gland.

As we approach the age of 35, our pituitary gland starts producing fewer and fewer of these hormones. This human hormone growth is very important for the proper functioning of our body and hence low HGH levels become responsible for the problems we face in old age. We are truly fortunate on this count now because Medical science has discovered an effective way to increase HGH levels and this is achieved through HGH therapy.

What is HGH therapy? An overview

Many people around us are still unaware of HGH therapy and face the aging effects quite valiantly in their lives. HRT therapy or Hormone Replacement therapy is an effective procedure of increasing Human growth hormones in our body. The hormones you have lost in your old age can obviously not be recovered nor does this treatment process inject hormones from an outside source. In fact the hormones added in your system are produced inside your body. The injectable form contains a structure that completely mimics the actual hormone.

The pituitary gland that had weakened and somewhat lost its capability of producing HGH is restored to a better state by Hormone replacement therapy in some cases and it will produce more Human growth Hormones. With the increase in HGH levels you will face improvements in your apparent as well as internal health.

Now that you know, what is HGH therapy you will also be interested in its types and methods.

Types of HGH therapy

Initially comprising only of HGH injections, the HGH therapies have evolved in their types and methods. Several clinical studies have been carried out over Hormone replacement therapies and now they are applied not only through injections but through pills and sprays too. However majority of people and many qualified doctors recommend HGH injections to the patients rather than the other supplements. Those patients have queries like “what is hormone therapy?”, “how it works?”, “how long it takes to show its effects?”, etc.

The reasons for choosing injections over pills and other supplements are in terms effectiveness and reliability and the time of treatment. HGH injections are considered the most effective form of HGH therapy mainly because they supply the drug right into the patient’s blood stream. On the contrary, pills are swallowed which indicates that they might not produce the effect they are used for since they have lesser contact with the blood.

People often prefer injections because it more widely used than the pills and have produced far greater results. Despite the effectiveness and the patient’s feedback on injections some people still use pills and sprays because they don’t trust needles and are scared of injections. Also HGH injections need to be administered via a qualified physician or paramedic staff and it’s too much hassle to be done every day.

Finally the injections have the fastest effect on the user again because they have direct contact with the blood and will carry the drug to the pituitary gland sooner. Hence HGH injections provide a faster treatment to aging problems.

Now that you have the answer to the question; “What is HGH therapy and its types”, you need to be aware of whether or not you will need it.

Who Requires Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As mentioned earlier HGH deficiencies occur generally at old ages but there’s more to HGH deficiency. HGH deficiency may also occur in several other cases like in children and as an after effect of some treatment. Therefore you always need a physician to tell you if you require Hormone replacement therapy.

HGH therapy for Children

You might be baffled as to why a child would need HGH therapy, when his pituitary glands ought to be quite efficient in producing Human growth hormones in his body. However if you think so then you must have seen only healthy children in your life. There are several children with abnormalities like improper growth or short limbs etc. Many of these problems might be because of the shortage of HGH in the child’s body.

For such children HGH therapy is the most commonly preferred treatment. For children special injections of synthetic nature are administered at regular intervals in order to help their bodies grow and remove any abnormalities in their growth pattern.

Hormone Replacement for the Obese

Obesity and accumulation unwanted fats in the body is a very common problem. You might have tried several methods to reduce your weight but if its HGH deficiency you are suffering from then you won’t reduce weight that easily. Moreover patients who have to face surgery to remove their pituitary gland for treatment of some condition face serious loss of HGH and tend to become obese. For such patients HGH therapy is very appropriate. Hormone Replacement therapy will restore many of the lost hormones in the system and will help you reduce weight and all the unwanted fats.

HGH therapy for the Aging people

HGh Therapy It has already been mentioned that HGH deficiencies generally occur as you grow old because our glands produce lesser of these hormones. With this we can estimate that by the age of 40 your HGH count will be half of what it used to be at the age of 20. Therefore as you turn 40, you will likely face many problems which you include under the ‘aging problems’.  Your immune system will be defected and you will face several apparent effects of aging like wrinkles on skin, falling hair etc.

For such aging patients, HGH therapy is very appropriate and you will find that you will have increased energy and stamina along with several of the features from the youth.

If you face any of the apparent signs of HGH loss, please contact your trusted physician who will recommend certain tests to confirm this problem. For any such HGH deficiencies, make sure you do follow the recommended HGH therapy treatment in order to avoid any abnormalities, aging or growth problems.

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