Male Hormone – An Exclusive Identification for Manhood!

Produced in testes and giving rise to sexual characteristics, testosterone is a value-laden male hormone. It belongs to a group of anabolic steroids. although, produced in both sexes, the hormone is vital for the well being of males.

Male Hormone

Want to hang on to your manhood and masculinity? Then you need to ascertain one thing. Find out whether or not, your testosterone is flowing in your blood in normal quantities. This single male hormone is an assurance to your manhood. With that known let’s move on to some important rules that you need to know in order to prevent that creeping decline of testosterone and loss of masculine traits that appear in aging men.

Just because millions of men fall into this pit of miserable lifestyle doesn’t mean you follow suit. If you wish to evade the negativities of low testosterone, it’s time to get into action. Read on to find your course.

Diet does matter

You might decide to avoid Krispy Kream, McDonald’s or Frosted Flakes for a few days in some part of your age but eventually you will fall for those appetizing treats sooner or later. Most people just can’t help it. But that’s ok if you are a teenager. However, things start to get worse when you age. Problems like acne or a rude attitude is just the beginning. Later on, you will have elevated estrogen, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction and other signs of declining testosterone that you believe to be the signs of aging. This is when you will wonder how can I possibly have aging signs so early? At the end of the day, it’s a reckless diet that made you lose your masculinity. Hence diet does matter!

Hang on to those muscles

Remember a person with sufficient build has high levels of male hormone in his blood. In fact, building of muscles is impossible without testosterone and human growth hormone. A man having low levels of these hormones will have a slim and low body contour. This is probably due to the reason that his body has ended up in catabolic reactions in which muscle wasting occurs. The bottom line is hang on to those muscles if you value your manhood.

Sex is a psychological game

To all those with internet porn addiction, there is no fun in dry sex. It’s actually a game of pursuit and capture which ends up in hormonal windfall after you have earned your prize. As opposed to this, if you get that prize without any struggle, you wouldn’t go through and enjoy the testosterone payout. If you get an ejaculation in this way, it will be exhausting hormonally, physically and emotionally. For maximum male potential, get yourself the company of a real woman.

Boost hormonal levels with testosterone supplements

Once you get an improved lifestyle, maintaining the normal testosterone levels will get far easier than you can imagine. After all these efforts, your lost youth and masculinity is just a step ahead. You need to boost your male hormone levels by taking testosterone supplements and everything else will start falling in line. Conversely, you just can’t expect male hormone levels to get restored with your horrific diet, and no exercise.

Honestly, the testosterone boosters are for those who are actually willing to get themselves in the right direction. Once you follow these genuinely valid instructions, male hormone supplements will work wonders for you. Besides maintaining the metabolism and restoring libido, this male hormone prevents the risk of certain health conditions.

Cardiovascular health

It’s a conventional believe that men die more from heart attacks than women. This disparity has something to do with male hormone levels. This has been proven true. In men, this risk increases as they age. This is primarily due to the decline in testosterone

Prostate health

As opposed to the younger men, the males in their mid age have more estrogen than freely available testosterone. These varying male hormone levels can seriously affect prostrate health. In fact, a study proves that testosterone is important for prostate gland. These are some real health effects which are an eye opener for males experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone.

Importance of male hormone testing

A lot of aging men suffer from dual conditions when they have high cholesterol and low testosterone in their blood. If you have started to take cholesterol lowering drugs, you are probably going to worsen your condition because this rise in cholesterol is your body’s own mechanism to raise male hormone levels. Increase in cholesterol is a means to provide raw material for the synthesis of testosterone. Hence the problem is not high cholesterol but lowering testosterone.

For treating this condition, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will help you deal with this dual condition. Another important aspect in this regard is to determine what exactly the normal levels of male hormone are in old age. The normal amount declared in lab tests is actually the average of testosterone levels of the population of that age. Furthermore, it is critical to verify the levels of freely available and total testosterone to get an idea of the possible cause of this deficiency.

Male hormone replacement therapy

Male Hormone Therapy For maintaining the optimal levels of testosterone, it is vitally important to get a physician’s prescription. Most of the physicians will suggest bioidentical testosterone creams while some will prescribe testosterone patches or gels that have been approved from FDA. Another viable means to get male hormone replacement therapy is to take prescribed dosage of testosterone through injections. In some cases, surgery is the last resort to the treatment of low levels of this important male hormone.

Get male hormone replacement wisely

To restore the levels of testosterone for your health and vitality, it is important to use testosterone therapy wisely. Whether you are using injections, creams or gels, subcutaneous implant or administering the hormone orally, there are certain precautions you need to keep in mind.

  • Go for hormone replacement only after comprehensive testing
  • If you are undergoing hormone replacement, stay in touch with a physician and stay alert at all levels of monitoring and screening.
  • Never believe in “one size fits all” form of treatment. There is no such treatment when it comes to hormone replacement therapy.
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