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Having moderate HGH levels in our system is quite essential. However, with growing age you might experience some ups and downs. You need to maintain these levels to look and feel young and energetic.

HGH Levels and Age

Old age is associated with various problems many of which are visible and prominently reflect your personality. One important feature that leads to these problems is the human growth hormone which starts decreasing as we grow as we start aging after 30. After reaching its peak during puberty the hormone levels fall gradually but certainly.

Importance of HGH levels

The Human Growth Hormone has played important role in the transformation of our body fats into useful body mass. It is particularly important for the growth and reproduction of our body’s cells and tissues. HGH is responsible for the repairing of the tissues. Majority of the brain functions are controlled by this hormone.

Our bones receive their strength from this hormone while the sexual functions are also associated with it. HGH also plays some role in our body’s organs health and protection. Meanwhile our hair, skin and nails etc all are growing with the aid of this hormone and as this hormone is reduced in amounts we face problems like hair fall and wrinkles on our face.

How Often HGH is produced in our body?

HGH is one of the basic requirements of our body for performing some vital functions and so it must always produced this hormone. As we reach the age of 20, the body starts producing HGH in lesser amounts every year and we experience the problems of old age. Initially this decline is slow and goes unnoticed but as we reach the ages of sixty or so, our body just has around one forth of these hormones left that was produced initially. If you need more details on this subject, you might be fascinated by some of the figures of the average HGH levels we secrete:

  • At the age of around we secrete around 500mg of this hormone every day.
  • Similarly at the age of 40, we lose around 200mg of HGH per day.
  • Finally at the age of 80 we secrete a little more or less than 25mg every day.

Reduction in HGH levels with age

People often wonder if there is any stopper to the aging process which is of course impossible. A common concept in this regard had been that when we grow old our body is wearing out like any other non living object. This theory may further be evolved into the statements that all our internal and external organs and body parts come with an expiry date or a fixed life span after which they will start getting weaker.

This is just the external look as how it seems to the old and people who have passed this age. Research in HGH reveals that age may be stopped or at least halted. This never means achieving a life closer to an ultimately never ending one. On the contrary it means that we can get some of the features of the life at 20 back in our life at 40.

As our pituitary gland grows with age, it was a common misconception that they don’t have the right capacity to create HGH. However they are just as efficient in producing HGH as any young pituitary gland. The main issue is of the stimulation of this gland to produce the hormone because the cell that produces HGH in these glands remains active throughout the life. As we age the glands loose the stimulus that allows the cells to produce these hormones. The pituitary glands have trouble in conveying the message to produce more HGH. However this is just a theory while there might be other answers from experts in this field.

Maintaining HGH levels

The easiest method for maintaining HGH levels as we age is through hormone replacement therapy. There may be several different types of therapies we can offer like the supplements, pills, sprays and injections. However the most effective method is the HGH injections since they administer the drug right into our blood stream and has instantaneous effects. The HGH is a very complex amino acid based hormone and cannot be regenerated that easily using any sort of pills or sprays.

Benefits of increased HGH levels

The most prominent effect of increased HGH levels is on the body mass and shape. Research have shown that men using HGH injections tend to have an 8.8% increase of lean body mass and around 15% reduction in overall body fats. All this research has been carried out without the subjects having any particular changes in the diets or physical activities.

Normal HGH LevelsThere are many other prominent effects of high HGH levels like an active and better sexual performance which is often affected during low HGH days. You will feel lively overall with greater energy and stamina which will allow you to have more physical exercises and work out. You will also find a considerable reduction in the amount of wrinkles or lines on your skin which is a matter of distress for many growing people. Furthermore your graying and falling hair might become more colored and full because the human growth hormone will be doing its job here as well by restoring falling hair.

It is widely known that old age people tend have mood swings problems and other problems like short term memory. HGH is highly responsible for this and increased HGH will likely benefit your mental health as well as your temperament.

Another very cruel sign of aging is the slow healing and recovery power that is experienced in old age. Increased Human Growth Hormones will make you recover quicker as was the case when you were young. Moreover your bones wouldn’t be as weak as they are predicted to be in old age. You might find better and positive changes in your sleeping patterns while in old ages people face problems in taking a sound sleep.

Growth hormones human are very important for your physical growth as you reach old ages but as a natural process they are made in lesser amounts at the age of 60 or so. Therefore HGH injection is a very convenient way to boost your HGH levels and gain back the vigor of your youth in your sixties.

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