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Attention readers: specialists have found that the creams and gels can reduce the symptoms of low testosterone in men and return health and youth to the men over 50- and this applies for both males and females.

Low Testosterone In Men

Open discussion on the topic of low testosterone in men might be too embarrassing for some. Only by talking about this condition of yours, you may feel that you probably lack manhood. Hence, when you are wondering about your testosterone levels, you are far from alone. AA Life Corp offers you a chance to express your condition and find the appropriate cure after proper consultation.

Usually middle aged men face the symptoms of low testosterone without even realizing what this condition is called. Andropause or steady decline are the two cases which causes low testosterone in men.

What is andropause?

When men enter the ages of 30 to 55, they experience something similar to the female menopause. We have known so far that the women get a decline in their hormone levels as they age. Some of you might be shocked to know that males also go through such a condition known as andropause. Both these conditions are characterized by a drop in hormone levels, estrogen in females and testosterone in males.

This is a natural phenomenon that appears with aging and begins after the age of 30 without the sufferer knowing anything about it. The quality of life is miserably affected due to low testosterone in men. Although, after crossing the age of 30, the decline is slow, it will eventually result in 10% decline after every decade.

Meanwhile, the levels of another hormone, the Sex Binding Hormone Globulin, SHBG is rising. As the name indicates, it is responsible for trapping the testosterone circulating in blood. Hence, the testosterone becomes unavailable to show its effects on the body. The testosterone that escapes this binding hormone is known as the bioavailable testosterone.

Andropause is associated with low testosterone in men and every man will naturally experience a decline in bioavailable testosterone but there are some whose hormone levels go down more than others. This is where the men experience andropausal symptoms like:

  • Low sex drive and libido
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Low energy and physical fatigue
  • Decrease in muscle mass
  • Increase in upper body fat
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Less physical agility

All these signs are a good indication that you are not in good physical or mental strength.

Low testosterone in men under 30

The probability of low testosterone in men under 30 is around 20%. This hormone is responsible not only for sex drive but also for building tissues and maintaining the contour of your body. Although exercises can help you get in shape, you will need a rich supply of testosterone for your long-term health and proper functioning of the brain.

Low testosterone in men over 50

By the age of 50, most men might have some amount of decline in testosterone levels. The best way to stimulate the production of hormone is by using a low dose of testosterone supplements. For men over 50, it is best to use topical gels or creams of 25-100mg directly on the skin every morning. Oral administration of testosterone is not recommended for men under 50 because this can drastically increase cholesterol levels because the drug first goes through the liver where some part of the hormone is metabolized to release cholesterol.

The bottom line is you can’t live a normal life without testosterone. This hormone is the heart and soul of male physiology. If you thought testosterone administration is not good for health, think again. It can improve your odds against the possibility of prostate cancer. The fear that testosterone supplementation is linked to prostate cancer is totally absurd. However, you need to consult a doctor before you opt for any testosterone supplements.

Cardiovascular health and low testosterone in men

Deficiency of testosterone can have some disturbing consequences. However, when its restored, the benefits go beyond reversing those symptoms. Studies reveal that low testosterone increases the prevalence of coronary artery disease. It can also limit the pumping abilities of heat. With a suitable testosterone replacement therapy, the condition and symptoms of coronary artery disease can be lowered.

Testosterone and diabetes

It won’t be wrong to say that diabetes type 2 is becoming more of an epidemic. Especially men in their mid thirties or forties are more prone to this disorder. Testosterone can prevent this risk if it is secreted in normal level. However, in its absence testosterone supplements can restore the balance and boost levels of testosterone in blood.

Identifiable signs of low testosterone

You will go through a decline muscle mass. Although loss in muscle strength is hallmark of aging, it can also result from low testosterone in men. Diminishing hormonal levels means reduced muscle formation, hampered development of contractile structures. Reduced muscle strength can also increase the chances of falls and fractures.

Another common and unfavorable outcome is increase in body fat especially in abdominal or pectoral region. This can result in gynecomastia which causes enlargement of breast tissue in men. Fall in testosterone means rise in leptin – a peptide produced by fat cells reflective of an individual’s fat levels.

Men Testosterone Levels Reduced bone density follows testosterone decline. Age related declines in testosterone are correlated to bone loss in both males and females. The men above the age of 60 will become more prone to osteoporosis. Although the ratio is far too less than females, the condition needs to be treated before it goes out of control in males. This is why hormone replacement is an important cure for men with low testosterone.

A subsequent decline in sex drive and sexual thoughts also follows low testosterone. This affects performance and perhaps your relationship. Frequency of erectile dysfunction becomes common which obviously results in low sexual response from the female partner.

Loss of vigor and enthusiasm is due to lack of overall well being. Apart from these complaints, the sufferer also goes through the episodes of irritability are some of the first symptoms you will experience. These signs linked to low testosterone in men are often overlooked and believed as the symptoms of stress.

Reduced stamina and activity falls when hormone levels have declined. Besides, the cognitive skills, ability to concentrate and memory is affected. This happens because the hormone has receptors in brain. This deficiency can seriously affect those whose career demand multi tasking and other complex problem solving skills.

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