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Low libido and erectile dysfunction marks the identification of low testosterone. However, other symptoms can be non-specific and vague. In any case, most of the symptoms are insidious which is why using testosterone boosters is your only way out.

Testosterone booster

Over the past decade, testosterone booster and other growth hormones have flooded the market if you ever enter a GNC, you will always find this stuff on their shelves. Why exactly testosterone booster supplements are so popular?

A testosterone booster is made from some natural ingredients that can trigger the production of natural testosterone in your body. Increase in testosterone levels results in muscle mass and strength with the burning of excess fat. But that happens at puberty because after the age of 30, testosterone levels unfortunately declines. With this constant drop in testosterone levels, there comes a time when you are left with only a few drops.

After knowing this, a big portion of middle aged men are looking for testosterone boosters. Even the fitness trainers and weight lifters make a fair part of the market. And why shouldn’t they? If there is something that can get them natural, free flowing testosterone, then why will they ever resort to dangerous drugs? Testosterone booster has everything they needed.

Diagnosing testosterone deficiency

For the diagnosis of testosterone deficiency, it is imperative that a combination of both serum testosterone along with clinical features is considered. Neither clinical features nor the serum testosterone levels are reliable when considering in isolation.

Basically the biochemical evaluation gives you a snapshot of testosterone levels exactly at the time when the blood sample was taken. In males testosterone secretion is diurnal which means it fluctuates throughout the day. Secretion of testosterone builds up during the night and reaches its peak in the morning especially on waking up. While during the day, testosterone levels in serum tend to decline slowly and reach the lowest ebb by the afternoon.

For this reason, blood samples need to be taken in the morning when hormone levels are at their peak. Apart from these normal variations, some individuals also face low testosterone if they are on some medication, going through stress, some kind of illness or any recent surgery.

Why use testosterone booster

Testosterone is a chief hormone that is essential for male libido, erectile function and for controlling your mood. When its levels in blood are lowered, a testosterone booster can restore your health it will prevent the risk of coronary heart disease and other related heart disorders. It is further relieving to note that testosterone boosters don’t have any adverse effects on prostate glands. Instead, it is linked to improving prostate symptoms.

Classes of testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters can be divided in three main categories. One of the classes uses herbs like eurycoma longifolia, tribulus terrestris, ginseng, zinc and magnesium and is responsible for directly increasing testosterone levels. The second class of hormone does not increase testosterone levels but causes reduction in estrogen levels.

Hormones in this class are made from diinodolyl methane and saw palmetto. The third type of testosterone boosters is not responsible for direcly elevating hormonal levels but improve the overall health of prostate glands. Besides saw palmetto, the hormones of this class ingredients like essential vitamins and minerals along with some thermogenic components that indirectly improves testosterone levels.

Safe use of testosterone boosters

Usually there are too many reservations when it comes to the use of testosterone boosters. People are often concerned of its safety usage. However, the administration of testosterone boosters through capsules is the safest means to increase testosterone levels. A proper diet and exercise can probably give a 50 year old man the vigor and strength of 30 year old but putting testosterone boosters into this equation will turn your “probably” into “surely”. However, under no circumstances, it is recommended to use testosterone boosters without seeking professional help.

At AA Life Corp, you will find the physicians who can get a grasp of your medical history and suggest a hormone panel for you to see what your testosterone levels are. The reason why you will need to consult a proper physician is because he can rule out the possibility of cancer or any serious malady that can be the cause of your clinical symptoms. Also, a testicular exam is conducted to access any of your physical abnormalities.

If you are found testosterone deficient, you will be suggested suitable testosterone boosters to treat your condition. Usually, testosterone supplements are available as oral medications, injectible forms or as topical applications. Each of these applications is used in different dosage. The injections are fast action while the creams and gels take some probably a few months before any visible changes occur.

The three natural testosterone boosters for men

Test Booster After having testosterone checkup, the doctor will suggest whether or not you need testosterone booster. In most cases when the testosterone levels are not below alarming levels, then the medical experts will suggest natural testosterone boosters. With good sleep pattern, exercise, adequate diet and a tension free life, you can naturally boost your testosterone levels. Different medical conditions arise due to unhealthy lifestyle. Add a few changes in your lifestyle and positive results will start appearing.

Healthy diet

No one can deny the value of healthy food. However, some foods are known to boost testosterone levels. Consuming chicken and eggs 3 to 4 times a week is known to boost testosterone levels. Besides, oatmeal, green veggies, soybean, cashews and walnuts are also some of the common testosterone boosters.


It’s true that our body works like a machine that can rust without regular use. By engaging in physical exercises, you actually trigger the cells of your body to improve its functioning. Exercise is a natural testosterone booster which is why three sets of exercises are recommended for men every day. Whether its yoga, squats, weight lifting or dips, any form of exercise is essential to maintain the balance of testosterone.

Ample sleep

Are you working without sufficient sleep hours? You are actually making way to your own peril. Without ample sleep hours, you will get frustrated, stressed out. Your body needs 7 – 8 hours of quality sleep every day. Take lighter meals before you go to bed.

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