Privacy policy

At AA Life Inc., the privacy of the client is taken seriously and remains our top priority at all times. We have created a privacy policy that exhibits our commitment to online privacy of our clients. Read on to know more about our information gathering process and dissemination practices.

Gathering information

The client is asked to fill in a form available on our website. The personal information or contact details provided by the client will remain confidential and the details about the medical condition will only be shared with the concerned physician. Subsequently, the reply is sent through the e-mail address shared on contact form. Personal contact details are meant to notify the customers and update them about any changes in policy.
The information is only disclosed to government authorities when it is legally required for investigation or verification. To protect against unauthorized use of our website, we enforce and verify compliance with our privacy policies. The privacy policy statement provides information about the data collection practices of our website.

  • The information disclosed through e-mails or being shared in the consultancy form will remain confidential.
  • For any kind of solicitations, we never provide your postal address or phone number to any other organization or information dissemination to any other website (For users concerned about the safety of the data you provide, then you can check back from the website periodically).
  • We won’t send any spam e-mails and we don’t set cookies. In fact, our correspondence is only meant to respond to your queries
  • All our clients and patients’ can prohibit the use of their personal information for purposes other than those for which the data was originally collected. They have the freedom to opt-out or modify their information.
  • If any of the users feels that that we are not following our stated policy, then you can contact us to report the issue.
  • Our website takes all the possible measures to make sure that your information is protected from unauthorized use or alteration. We have also taken precautions to prevent access to our web server.

If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy or the practices of our website, feel free to contact us on our email address and all your issues will be handled promptly.

Privacy and security

AA Life Inc. respects the privacy of all its users who have provided their information and trusted us to guide them. Under the privacy and security policy of AA Life Inc., we reserve the right to keep a check and monitor the activities on the site. In some cases, we hold the right to release or disclose the information posted on, recorded or transferred through this site. Any personal information from the client is released only when we deem it highly appropriate to

  • Comply with special request from the government
  • Operate the site
  • Protect the rights of AA Life Inc. and its affiliates

Copyright and trademarks

All the text, graphics, content, software is wholly and solely the property of AA Life Inc. and its licensors. The website is protected by the U.S. and international copyright laws which allows the owners to reserve their respective copyright. The permission to get electronic copy or hard copy is only granted by the website owners. Other modification, replication or exploitation of data is strictly prohibited without prior permission from AA Life Inc. As for the product names, logos or trademarks on the site are the property of respective owners.

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