Low Testosterone Symptoms – Are Those Symptoms Ruining Your Life? Low Testosterone Symptoms ✔

Get a treatment for low testosterone symptoms before it’s too late! This deficiency can no longer deprive you from your masculinity. Act wisely and pay heed to this serious condition.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

The significance of testosterone is evident in male sexual function. Though it’s not exclusively a male hormone, it is responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics in males. According to the recent studies, it has a critical role in maintaining youth, alleviating depression and triggering fat loss even in those who just don’t seem to reduce weight despite extensive exercise and controlled diet.

How can anyone know if they have low testosterone levels? You might feel it’s a purely medical condition and you can never find out that you are having low testosterone level unless you get a medical checkup. That is actually not the case. Your low testosterone symptoms will tell you about your condition even before you get yourself checked. Yet many people aren’t sure what to do when these symptoms arise.

Is reduced sex desire a low testosterone symptom?

It very well is. In fact, it’s the first change that a man goes through after the levels of testosterone decline. This is because; your mental functions are negatively affected by low t levels. Apparently, a man feels lack of energy and finds it difficult to concentrate. They also end up in depression. However, all these symptoms are mistaken as the signs o aging. In reality, its low testosterone that makes you lose vigor, strength and stamina.

Get your low testosterone symptoms identified

It’s common knowledge that a blood sample is taken to test for low testosterone. What you might not know is the fact that every lab report cannot be interpreted accurately. It is not always correct to rely on lab reports to find the normal ranges for testosterone because they are mean values. You need to consult a certified physician and determine the values that indicate low testosterone according to the age of the person.

Serious low testosterone symptoms in men

Our society is gaining awareness on various health related condition. One such condition is of low testosterone otherwise known as androgen deficiency. It is a state in men when testosterone starts leveling off. Like women have menopause in which there is a drop in female sex hormone, males also get a gradual decline in their sex hormone. This decline starts at the age of 30 after which there is a 1% annual decline. By the age of 50, testosterone levels drop far below normal. Surprisingly, it’s not just the elderly men who go through low testosterone symptoms. These uncomfortable symptoms can be due to natural drop off in hormonal production.

In this case, it’s not just the quality of life that is at stake, but you also have certain health risks. Low testosterone can increase your chances of cardiovascular diseases and bone problem. This is something you won’t know about until the damage has been done. Therefore it is important to get your low testosterone treated because heart ailments at a young age will mean a shortened life span. Look out for these low testosterone symptoms and better consult a reputed physician once you suspect to have androgen deficiency.

Sexual problems – low sex drive and erectile dysfunction are some of the first symptoms that appear as a result of low testosterone. Obviously, this will affect your lifestyle and most importantly your relationship with your partner.

Fatigue – or an overall lack of energy follows from decreased testosterone in blood. This makes you feel sleep and lethargic all the time and you are unable to concentrate on anything.

State of depression – when you don’t feel happy and get irritated more often

Reduced physical performance – is possibly due to loss of strength and stamina. This is one of the low testosterone symptoms in which building muscle mass is quite difficult.

These symptoms alone seem quite series without the mention of more serious risks like cardiovascular disorder. Thus, it’s evident that low testosterone can have negative impact on a person’s life.

Improve quality of life with testosterone treatment

In men, the treatment of low testosterone primarily involves injecting this hormone. Some other means of testosterone administration also exist but they are not as effective in reducing the negative effects of low testosterone as an injection. The treatment can be started with any testosterone formulation as recommended by your doctor. However, it takes a couple of weeks before the whole dose is administered.

Causes of Low Testosterone Symptoms Another approach is to get testosterone replacement therapy in which a naturally occurring replica of this hormone is produced. Hence, testosterone therapy can replace the testosterone levels back to normal the way you used to have in your youth.

In this backdrop, testosterone injections are the most suitable form of testosterone replacement therapy. Although, a testosterone injection will work wonders for you, the prescribed testosterone cream will give you the same results as effective as testosterone injection formulation. However, if you have kids around, it is recommended to avoid testosterone cream and opt for safer method of testosterone injections

When things start to normalize

You will feel that the quality of life has improved. Most importantly, you will enjoy life with the same vigor and enthusiasm as you used to do in your teen age. Why let low testosterone symptoms steel your youth? When your testosterone levels are back to normal, you will feel some dramatic changes:

  • You will have the same sex hunger that was lost after youth. Besides, you will have more frequent erections that will contribute to making your relationship more fun.
  • You will start losing the excessive fat that was spoiling your appearance. You will get slimmer and return to your normal body shape.
  • You will have increased energy levels that will remind you of your youth. You won’t feel sleepy all day long instead you will begin your mornings and end your day with the maximum energy levels.
  • Your mental state will improve as well. You will feel more enlightened and focused and get back to being coherent. All these changes will boost your self confidence and your decisions will get sharp.
  • After you return back to your younger self, you will sense some positive changes in yourself.
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