Is it low t? Or is it a man’s fate to live without pleasure! Is It Low T ✔

Modern science has the answer to this million dollar question. You will get over with your unexplained suffering if you dare to ask “is it low t”. Raise testosterone levels by a suitable hormone replacement therapy!

Is It low T

Many people go through some unexplainable conditions but I can bet that they would have never asked this question. Is it low t? You certainly have it if you no longer feel the same urge for sex, or you feel tired all the time. You strongly feel that your physical and mental health is going down. On top of that, the stubborn fat just keep on building making you further weak and sluggish. Time to find out is it low t that is taking away your self esteem. There are many other diseases that can have same symptoms. Therefore you will always be thinking is it low t or something else. Read on to get your answer.

Is it low t you are suffering from

If you are clueless about your condition despite the clear symptoms of low testosterone, then you will need to get a blood test. Usually, the lab report is based on an average level of testosterone in a normal male. However, it is important to note that the normal levels of testosterone in one male are not always the same as others. The need for accurate evaluation of your blood report arises here. Once you get the answer to your question “is it low t”, then read on further.

Raising testosterone levels

There was a time when low testosterone had no cure whatsoever. All men had to live with these conditions until they die. But now testosterone therapy offers this invaluable hormone. Fortunately, the men who face sharp decline in their testosterone levels can restore their quality of life with a suitable testosterone therapy. Let’s see how testosterone replacement therapy can help those poor men.

How testosterone replacement therapy works

With the testosterone replacement therapy, the ability of the body to produce natural testosterone is triggered. This therapy works to replace the lost testosterone by providing the bioidentical hormone that can raise the hormone levels back to normal. With testosterone replacement therapy, you will start producing ample amounts of testosterone that you used to when you were in your youth. If you are seriously deficient, your testosterone level will rise with every injection. After the prescribed dosages, the levels will reach the normal range and you will start feeling the difference.

Positive effects of raised testosterone levels

If you are a man suffering from extremely low levels of testosterone, then testosterone therapy is the way to get yourself out of this mess. Your physician will suggest a suitable therapy after diagnosing your condition. Once your testosterone levels are back to normal, you will regain your lost physical and mental health. You will live like a healthy and strong man just like you were in your teens. After taking the suggested dosage, you will;

  • Feel revitalized just a few days after the therapy
  • Get back your mental focus. With enhanced memory and restored mental health, you will be making saner and quick decisions
  • Restore your physical strength and burn that unwanted lard off your belly
  • Improve your sex drive and get the sex desire of a teenager

In general, raised testosterone gives you an overall sensation of well being.

Testosterone injection – Ideal for testosterone replacement therapy

With the recent advancements in therapeutic, more and more products are available that makes administration of testosterone quite easy. They can be taken orally in the form of pills or in the form of pallets that are placed under your skin after an incision. The latter means of testosterone administration is slightly painful while the high dosage of pills can result in liver toxicity.

Moreover, taking testosterone orally cannot effectively balance testosterone levels because after passing through the digestive system, your body is able to receive a lesser dosage. On the flip side, injecting testosterone allows even dispersal of this hormone throughout your body tissues. If pills or other therapies haven’t worked for, you might ask again is it low t. it most certainly is. And testosterone injection will emerge as the most effective therapy.

Is testosterone injection all I need

Testosterone injections will give you maximum results if taken according to the prescribed dosage. It will give you the desired results and maintain testosterone levels for a long time, but what after that. You continue to live with the same lifestyle that was responsible for worsening your low testosterone symptoms. This means you can land up in a situation where you might ask is it low t again? Although, testosterone injection can turn your life around, you will need an improved lifestyle to maintain your sound health. Regular exercise, adequate diet and a good night sleep will also help in reducing the effects of low testosterone.

Can exercise lower testosterone levels

There is no direct evidence to prove that exercise can lower testosterone levels. That may sound surprising against the conventional belief that exercise raises testosterone levels. However, the fact of the matter is that exercise has no direct effect on testosterone levels. Think about it, exercise cannot trigger the testes to produce normal level of testosterone.

Exercise is actually responsible for burning excess fat. It is the fat tissue where testosterone is converted to estrogen. Therefore more fat cells mean that testosterone will not be available. When exercise reduces fat, more testosterone will be available to perform its functions.

Is it low t sign for women

Testosterone Therapy The two hormones responsible for sexual characteristics in women are estrogen and progesterone. However, testosterone is also released from ovaries and adrenal gland. Like in males, this hormone is vital for the health of females. After their menopause, females experience similar symptoms like mood swings and hot flashes when the testosterone levels fall during and after menopause. You may not find women saying is it low t, but they do experience drop in testosterone levels. Although, low testosterone symptoms are not as intense as in males, they are almost the same. Hot flashes and radical mood swings are signs of lower testosterone levels in females. When women experience these changes they must better ask is it low t or some other condition. A blood test will however, confirm the condition.

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