HGH Injections for Men – The Good and Bad They Can Do To You HGH Injections for Men ✔

The requirements of male and female bodies differ to a great extent. Similarly HGH dosage and its effects on the male body are considerably different. Men have to be particularly vigilant while carrying out any HGH therapy.

Human Growth Hormone Injections for Men

Human Growth Hormone is one of the most vital functioning hormones in any human body. Both the male as well as female species require this for their body’s proper growth and health. However the requirement in males completely differs from those in women. Besides, the dosage of HGH injections for men is not the same as women. Moreover HGH injections affect men differently and are used to treat a condition of andropause along with other existing growth hormonal deficiencies.

Who amongst the men need HGH injections?

HGH injections may be the requirement for any of the males but the thing to remember is your doctor’s consultation. Aging men generally need HGH injections to stop the effects of aging on their bodies. Typically males of ages around 50 require an HGH dosage. The reason behind this is that men after reaching this age lose a lot of the HGH they used to have in their bodies in their youth. Therefore, they face several problems like improper sexual functions. Men having such problems need HGH medications.

On further note men having a lethargic nature or are facing reduction in their activeness or dynamic nature should go for HGH injections. Similarly, men encountering mental problems like short term memory should consult their doctors regarding HGH injections for men.

It might surprise you at first but male children may also require HGH injections. HGH hormones are normally present in excess amounts during childhood that is why the children grow so fast and have better memorizing skills. However there are cases where children face abnormal or slow growth in their body or are mentally inactive as compared to other children of their age. For such children doctors often prescribe HGH medications. In fact, the invention of recombinant biosynthetic growth hormone was aimed to treat growth hormone deficiencies in kids because at that stage absence of HGH can be lethal.

Proper Dosage of HGH injections for men

Studies and researches conducted by different doctors and clinics and feedback from men who used HGH injections show that a dosage of around five to nine IU a week has produced tremendous results. The patients who had taken these injections experienced a very fast increase in muscle mass and reduction in fats without using it for around six months without following any serious diet plan or exercise schedule. The users of HGH medications also experienced other benefits like a better mental health, greater energy levels, greater immunity and normalized Blood pressure.

HGH injections for men in sports

The average dosage of HGH injections for men per day for sportsmen and athletes is around four to six IU. If this dose is only to be followed for decreasing body fat then it should be followed for a shorter span while for gaining muscle mass this dose is to be followed for a larger time period. The HGH injections for men should be administered on a daily basis without fail because the hormone never stays in the blood for a long time.

The dosage should be prescribed to the patients depending on the age and condition of the patient. Normally experienced physicians start the HGH injections for men with a low dose of around 0.5 IU a day and gradually the amount is increased by 0.5IU increments on a monthly basis.

Furthermore the age of patient is very important. The older the patient the weaker they are and they require lesser HGH injections dosage as you would give to a young patient. It is acknowledged that prescribing a dosage of more than 2 IU every day for such patients could produce disastrous results.

HGH injections for men and Body building

HGH injections for men have always been used by body builders to enhance their physical mass and capability to exercise. As men reach their puberty they stop producing muscle cells. Therefore the cells we have for our life are genetically produced and all we can do is to increase their size by exercises and with the help of different steroids.

On the other hand having Human Growth Hormone injections we can really grow back some muscle cells by getting rich in HGH. Consequently we possess better muscle tone and mass.

HGH injections and fat reduction

HGH injections increase your overall energy levels and stamina and strengthen your metabolism. In this way your body flushes out all the excess fats more efficiently. Furthermore you become more active and dynamic and burn some of your body fats. You reduce a whole lot of weight during HGH while on HGH injections. If you experience some rise in weight then it is because of the mass of muscles added in your body.

HGH injections over Steroids

Buy HGH Injections for Men HGH injections are much more helpful then steroids in terms of body building. The weight gain in HGH injections is much slower than steroids. The weight gain is about two or three pounds in every 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand the weight gained by steroids is mostly water weight which is not so good for your physical health. With HGH injections your weight gain is mostly because of the lean mass of the muscles. The fat burned by HGH injections is converted into the energy you get for exercises and body building. It could be further added up tat body builders can eat as per their previous diet without getting unwanted fats in any part of their body.

For Body building purposes HGH injections increases body mass and lessen the recovery and pain periods during the workout intervals. It enhances the overall body building period without any chance of getting caught in doping tests as in the case of other drugs. Furthermore HGH increases the strength of joints and recovers all damages tissues in the muscles. Unlike the case of steroids, the HGH injections for men have considerably negligible side effects on the body.

HGH injection for men can be used for any male age group depending on the purpose for which it is used. Body builders and athletes prefer it for gaining muscle mass and reducing fats in their body. Moreover they get excess strength from the HGH drugs which they can use for training or in exercises. Apart from male athletes HGH can be used by aging men and children who have problems in growing. All injections and supplements should be taken on the prescription and recommendation of a qualified doctor.

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