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HGH Injections

Everyone who has crossed 40 gets plagued with the symptoms of aging. Despite your best efforts, it just seems impossible to remain unaffected from this natural, inevitable deterioration. Thus, any individual is left with no choice but to succumb to the mercy of time. In the past recent years, this trend is changing somehow. Thanks to the various discoveries of modern medical science, you now have anti-aging and rejuvenation solutions at your doorstep. There are some ways to counter your aging process. The natural means to control aging are vague and uncertain however replacement hormone therapy works for sure and in most cases, the results start to appear within 6 months.

Routes of administration for HGH injections

Growth hormone injections are administered through two different routes. It is given either via subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. The subcutaneous route of administration can sometimes be more painful. Thus the routes of injections are often changes so that you can be prevented from prolonged pain by injecting in the same area.

Sectretagogues vs. recombinant HGH injections

Growth hormones usually comprise of secretagogues that are usually amino acids. After being injected into your blood stream, they trigger the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone naturally. However, they are considered less effective than the recombinant growth hormone which is an artificially synthesized recombinant growth hormone.

For the administration of recombinant HGH injections for sale, you need to have prescriptions and it is only available in the form of injections. As for the secretagogues, they are also available in the form of orally administered products or alternatively in tablets.

HGH injections at AA Life Corp

With each passing day one or the other baby boomer turns 60. Undoubtedly, aging is inevitable but you still have some tools in your hands that can delay aging. AA Life Corp offers suitable growth hormone therapy to make every single day of your life full of energy, life and enthusiasm. For all those aging men and women, going home with lesser pain and aches will be a great relief. What more is you will find that the clothes will fit you better. You will successfully get rid of that baggy appearance as you will be able to shed that excess mass and rebuild lean muscle mass that you have lost over the years of suffering and injuries. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if you were healthy like a 20 year old and able to shake off any malady that comes your way. That’s how you will live a healthy life for the time you are alive.

HGH injections procedure for application

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Find a reliable hormone therapy treatment or anti-aging clinic and get a feedback from their clinical advisors regarding your symptoms arising due to decline in growth hormone levels. Besides, other tests, your symptoms are the first indicator for HGH deficiency which lets the doctor decide if you really need HGH injections to cure your condition. They help in determining whether you qualify for various therapy programs.

The next step is to evaluate the IGF-1 levels and a physical examination is conducted to see if you are really a candidate for hormone therapy treatment.

In some cases, the doctor prescribes some complimentary medications along with HGH injections to make sure that the treatment program is completely safe and effective. On the flip side most of these stages are often overlooked when you just consult a general practitioner or a family doctor. This is the reason why it is important to get a specialist to deal with the deficiency. After all, when your health is at stake, you can’t afford to take any risks.

Is it time to take HGH injections

After a certain age, there is a constant decline in growth hormone production which makes the body look old. A considerable weight gain and the conversion of lean muscle mass is just a part of this aging process and is thus, inevitable. Besides, your blue mood, fatigue and low energy levels keep you depressed all the time. At this critical point of time, you need to take hormonal replacement therapy to get remarkable improvements like greater stamina, more energy, wrinkle-free and clear skin. Moreover, you will have regained physical strength, improved sex drive and clear vision.

Dosage and recovery time after HGH injections

In most cases, the prescribed dose for growth hormone is for a 6 month period. After that, a relapse of 1 year is suggested and then the next treatment session begins. Meanwhile, you would have recovered significantly from the worst symptoms of aging. Here’s how you will feel the recovery in a span of 6 months:

1st month

Improved energy level and the focus in life is re-established. Plus, you will enjoy a better and comfortable sleep

2nd month

In the second month since the use of HGH injections, you will feel a better muscle tone and the nail growth get improved. You will get back your sexual drive and sense a bit of weight loss. Additionally, the skin starts to get clear and wrinkle free by the end of second month of HGH use.

3rd month

More unhealthy fats starts to convert into lean muscle mass and you sense restoring moods. Hair growth is normalized and you get a stronger sexual desire.

4th month

In the fourth month of constant HGH injections use you will have improved mental capability, decline in accumulated fat levels, and normalized hair growth. Perhaps, your partner will start noticing your improved mood and a stronger sexual desire.

5th month

By the end of fifth month, you will notice considerable weight loss and you will feel that your body is getting toned and the skin gets radiant and elastic. All in all, your appearance will take a 180 degree turn and you will feel as if your youth has returned.

6th month

All the changes promised from growth hormone therapy treatment will start to appear by the end of sixth month. Your body gets contoured having less cellulite. Your immune system gets active and that chronic pain or body ache appears to have vanished. Besides, your vision is more clear, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are restored back to normal and will remain this way if you follow a proper diet and exercise plan.

In case, you don’t find any changes at all by the end of 6th month, there is a likelihood that the product you are using is not working for you. At this point, you either need to change the brand or better consult a physician for a sound advice.

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