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Low T Treatment

Few years back the discussion of testosterone supplements was considered a taboo. It used to conjure up an image of a body builder or weight lifter that carried wrong connotation. As a result, the physicians were made to believe that testosterone can only be taken in the most severe cases.

However things have changed now. With simple administration and easy dosage of testosterone the understanding of low t treatment has changed completely. Previously, the medical practitioners believed that many changes in men are because of their aging. Now the studies reveal that men also go through hormonal changes similar to those of women during menopause. So finally it has been realized that just like women, men also need treatment for their condition.

Millions of women take hormones to reduce the effects caused by low estrogen. It’s only recent that people have started to understand that such a syndrome also exists in men and we call it andropause. The only difference is that the process of andropause is much slower in men, which is why it is not as obvious as in women. Before finding about the possible ways of low treatment, you first need to know how to find out about this condition.

Do you need a low t treatment?

For determining the deficiency of testosterone, you will need to consult a physician who will suggest you some blood tests to measure the amount of bioavailable testosterone in your blood. Additionally, the doctors sometimes feel the need to measure prolactin levels that will determine the functioning of pituitary gland.

Even if you have normal levels of testosterone in your blood, it will vary during the course of the day. It can also vary with the season and your exercise routine. Therefore, you need to go through entire physical examination before the doctor can suggest you a low t treatment. If you have already had tests, then our doctors at AA Life Corp will identify if there are any preventable hormone imbalances.

Take a sharp turn from morbid obesity, osteoarthritis and degenerative weight loss

You feel you are heading towards morbid obesity as soon as reach your middle age? You might not have entered this room so far, but the door is wide open, and you are quite close to walking in. most of the men feel that the damage done is from excessive work. However, it’s your extra weight that’s responsible for your aches and pains. Besides the cartilage of your knees feels the brunt of this assault. You are having osteoarthritis, a condition that obese people frequently suffer from. This is not directly linked to low testosterone levels; however, low t treatment can reverse the severity of this condition.

With increase body mass index, the risk of osteoarthritis in other joints also increases. But the worst part is yet to come. If you don’t get a grip on this condition, then you can enter the degenerative phase. Before all of this could happen, you need something that gives you energy, strength and stamina, something that can repair your body and bring you back in shape. You need to get low t treatment to take a sharp turn from your morbidly obese condition. You can spend a fortune or patronize popular doctors, looking for a magic pill, or opt for their surgeries but nothing will be as close to helping you as this will. Just image where you will land up if you don’t hit brakes today! Various low t treatments and testosterone boosters have lifted men from the darkest pits of miseries.

How declining testosterone is linked to signs of aging

It is important to note that not every man will show the typical symptoms of declining testosterone levels. There are some that don’t show any symptoms at all while in others, low testosterone has clear symptoms like:

  • Affects on sexual performance. This may result in reduced desire for sex and fewer erections than before.
  • Affects on sleep patterns. With low testosterone, insomnia often follows. There are other sleep disturbances associated with low testosterone levels.
  • Physical changes. The most prominent physical changes that follow with low testosterone levels include reduction in muscle mass and strength, faster build-up of fat and reduced bone density. Often swollen breasts and hair loss. The person also gets hot flashes and feels tired all the time.
  • Psychological changes. The symptoms that follow low testosterone levels can shatter your self-confidence and motivation in life. It gets really embarrassing and depressing when you have difficulty in remembering things.

Although some of the above mentioned signs are normal in aging, others are due to the underlying factors. If you are on some heavy medication or going through thyroid problems, then there is likelihood that you show the same symptoms. Poor lifestyle like excessive drinking and depression can also show these symptoms. In any case, you will get your answers after having a blood test.

Low t treatment – the best available methods

For low t treatment, hormone therapy, counseling, mechanical aids, surgery or a combination of these methods are used. When the cause is low testosterone, counseling lends itself as the best solution. In case, person is on medications or drugs of some sort, then replacing those drugs with more appropriate ones will be part of your treatment plan because there are some medications that can cause impotence.

When the test reports suggest that testosterone deficiency is actually the cause of low levels of hormone in the blood, then the replacement therapy will be initiated. In most cases, pills are suggested. But they are not very effective in low t treatment. Usually, a high dosage of pills is suggested as much of it is metabolized when the drug goes down your digestive system. A heavy dosage can cause damage to the liver.

Testosterone can also be injected with a needle through the side of penis. Or an insertion can be made into the skin of urethra with an applicator. This route of testosterone administration is quite effective but can be painful and embarrassing for some people.

Treatments for Low Testosterone Yet another route of low t treatment is via the application of testosterone cream which includes the bioidentical hormone. By far, this is the most and safe method to get low t treatment in men. The application is prepared from natural ingredients that are the exact duplicate of testosterone hormone made in the body. The cream has to be simply applied on the scrotal skin from where the hormone is absorbed into the blood stream. This means the hormone escapes passing through the liver and evading the possibility of getting metabolized there.

The option of surgery can be considered for low t treatment in men. These treatment options include penile implants. It’s obviously a painful condition but you will get the promised results.

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