HGH Injections for Weight Loss – the Emerging Prerequisite of Aging Men and Women HGH Injections for Weight Loss ✔

With increasing age, either weight gain or unnecessary weight loss is often experienced. Now with the clinical researches reaching their peaks, HGH injections for weight loss are preferred by most men and women.

HGH Injections for Weight Loss

Increasing age has several horrifying effects both on the health and the psyche of a person. One of the most apparent effects of increasing age is excessive and uncontrolled gain in weight. In some cases the weight is increased unnecessarily though there are cases when weight is reduced to extreme ends. Increasing weight is due to the accumulation of fats on several places like belly, thighs, chins etc.

All these effects of with aging appear quite disturbing and distressing to the person. However the major reason for this rapid increase in weight is due to the reduction in human growth hormone produced in the body. These hormones are present in abundant amount while in the youth but they tend to decline at an increasing rate as we age up. With decreasing HGH our body loses its capability of flushing out and burning the fats and hence fats are accumulated at unwanted places.

Doctors Suggestions

For rising weight of aging patients, the doctors suggest HGH injections for weight loss. These HGH injections for weight loss catalyze the pituitary gland to produce more HGH and it actively takes part in the metabolism of the body. With improved metabolism, more fats are burnt and without any exercise or change in diet schedule, the patient faces weight loss in as little as a few months.

On visits to doctors the patients often irritate them with certain questions that are asked recurrently by several different patients.

Are there any side effects to HGH injections for weight loss?

This is the question that people mostly ask when they first hear of HGH injections for weight loss. What they have on their minds is the steroids that sportsmen use to build up their bodies. Steroids have several harmful effects on the body of the users while HGH has none. All it does is reactivating the pituitary gland for producing more human growth hormone which does all the tasks. There are no side effects but like every drug if you don’t take the prescribed amount they you may face some troubles.

Can pills be used instead of HGH injections for weight loss?

HGH Injections Some of the websites and HGH dealers do claim to sell HGH medication in the forms of pills and sprays that they promise will produce great effects on the weight of the user as in the case of injections. These are often termed as HGH releasers. According to researches and studies done on HGH medications, there has been no proof found that HGH pills do any good against gaining weight. On the other hand if you do use that pill, it will most likely be digested by your system and will probably not carry to your blood stream. Besides there are certain websites that claim to sell homeopathic medicine that they say are effective and work. There have been no satisfactory results for such medicines either.

What are the symptoms of overdose of this drug?

All the signs and symptoms caused by overdose of HGH injections can be undone by decreasing the dosage and changing the frequency of administration of these injections. The risks and hazards are not very severe and are only seen and noticed if the dosage becomes very high for the patient. However you need to be aware of the symptoms of HGH overdose so that you may consult your doctor for changes in the dosage.

  • First sign you may notice will be swelling of certain body parts particularly the feet and the hands.
  • You may also encounter pain in the joints of the hands and knees.
  • You may start feeling the pain in the wrists which is also known as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Your blood pressure will shoot up frequently. This might only happen in pretty rare cases since HGH generally reduces your blood pressure.
  • Changes in Glucose and insulin levels may also be observed. This can be easily be checked by blood tests. Decreasing HGH dosage can easily treat such cases in no time.

Will the improvements be slower than other drugs?

Initial effects of HGH injections for weight loss tend appear after weeks of use of the dosage. Generally most of the changes are noticed during the second third or fourth months of starting the therapy. Unlike other drugs, patients tend to keep on improving for around 3 years since the start of the therapy.

This will happen mostly if you allow certain changes in your diets and exercise plans and use nutrient filled supplements. This is because we need to maintain a balance in all the other hormones to get the best out of HGH injections.

HGH injections will have any other positive effects than weight loss?

Mostly the HGH injection users are concerned by their sexual performance and libido. HGH will not harm any of those functions. In fact it will increase libido and sexual performance. Similarly it will help men and women in their capabilities to achieve orgasm. In the cases of males HGH injections rises sexual potency and causes stronger erections for longer periods.

Other advantages includes less hair fall or graying of hair. It also affects the elasticity of skin and removes the wrinkles and lines on the skin. Moreover the fat burned off is converted into energy which you can use in body building. A greater dosage of HGH injections will help in building muscle mass.

What kind of injections do you use for HGH?

HGH injections are administered by a simple small needle about the size of the one used for insulin n the cases of diabetes patients. It is not at all painful and you will feel as if the mosquito bit under your skin. For all those patients to whom doctors recommend HGH injections for weight loss and are afraid of needles need not worry anymore!

HGH injections for weight loss produce noticeable effects on the users and burns all unnecessary fats right out of your system. You may gain the weight you desire and have the figure of your youth. Consult your doctor HGH injections for weight loss and enjoy your life of youth again.

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