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Liability of growth hormone

In case you found the information on growth hormone, HGH therapy, or are dissatisfied by the terms of use at AA Life Inc., then the only remedy is to discontinue the use of this website. It must be understood that the information transmitted through the online medium is sometimes beyond the control or jurisdiction of AA Life Inc. and related affiliates. Therefore we are not held responsible for the liability of failure, interruption or delay of data transmission.

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It needs to be noted that all forms of content like the text, images, videos or tutorials about HGH therapy or testosterone replacement therapy is meant only for informational purpose. The content available on this site is not approved from FDA hence it cannot replace any professional advice or treatment. Moreover, if you intend to go on diet program or wish to follow a heavy exercise regime, then you can follow the health program in this website but AA Life Inc. will never recommend self management. Complete reliance on the information within the website is at your own risk.

The information within this site is not exhaustive neither does it cover all forms of ailments associated with HGH or testosterone hormones. We would also like to bring to notice that the content on the website is inspired from various sources that may or may not be authentic. The suppliers, employees, workers and agents do not practice medicine which means they are not eligible for medical services.

If you happen to have health care concerns, you can contact our certified physician for prompt assistance. Don’t disregard the advice from medical practitioners just because you read something on the website that contradicts the advice from the doctor. Remember every individual is different and only the doctor can figure out the right cure after assessing your medical reports.

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The content on this website covers medical issues regarding men and women reproductive system that may appear sexually explicit or rather offensive to some readers. Therefore, the content is not fit for underage children or other sensitive people.

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