Testosterone Injections Works Wonders for Males with This Deficiency! Testosterone Injections ✔

Among the various treatment methods, testosterone injections emerge as the most efficient means to cure the deficiency of this hormone. They are easy to administer and have least side effects.

Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are one of the treatment options that helps restore the normal levels of testosterone in individuals with this deficiency. You might wonder why there is a need to maintain the normal levels of testosterone in blood.

Testosterone is a hormone essential for the vitality of the body. It helps you stay young and in shape apart from that, it has various other functions that contribute to the overall well being of a male’s health. Just like other hormones, testosterone is produced from a gland and the amounts of its secretions are affected by a number of factors. In any case, the variation from the normal testosterone levels can have drastic effects on your body. Luckily, testosterone injections can bring testosterone levels back to normal.

Many people don’t feel the need to get a treatment for this deficiency. It’s a sheer lack of awareness. If you know that declining testosterone can actually lead to cardiovascular diseases or cause osteoporosis in some cases. Seriously, you will have an increased risk of heart diseases. Testosterone injections, on the other hand, maintain the level of testosterone in blood and reduce the risk of contracting such diseases.

Testosterone injection tests

For getting a shot of testosterone, the individual needs to stick to a proper procedure. In fact, if you are deficient in testosterone, you will have to go through a series of tests, first to find whether or not you lack this hormone and second to determine if you go through temporary fluctuations. Basically, the test determines the amount of available testosterone in your body. The ideal time for test is early morning because that’s the time when testosterone levels will be at their peak. After doing the tests, the amounts or dose of testosterone injections is determined.

Types of Testosterone injections

Among the different products on testosterone therapy, their injections are the most effective means to bring your testosterone levels in the normal range. Mainly, there are two types of testosterone injections that can restore the normal levels of the hormone in your blood. However, for both males and women, separate types of injections are used.

In males, testosterone injections are administered when the ability of the body to produce this hormone is ether temporarily or permanently hampered. Usually, the male injections have a dosage of 20-30 mg that has to be given after every 2-3 weeks on average. However, this is an approximate amount that tends to vary according to the age of the male. At puberty, for instance, the level of testosterone is at its peak which starts to decline after the age of 30. When a man has crossed his 50, he will certainly have reduced testosterone levels.

The second types of injections are those used by women. Hence the testosterone injections for women are standardized on different concentration than the one used by males. The reason is that testosterone is a male hormone and it is produced in women in lesser quantities. The most appropriate means of giving testosterone injection in women is via intramuscular channel.

Injectable testosterone is available in various forms. The same drug can have different names in different countries or due to change in company. You won’t find it to be a very long list but it covers all major forms of testosterone injections. The formulations of testosterone esters are prepared in cottonseed or sesame seed oil.

Injection VS Gel

Occasionally, testosterone injections are preferred over creams or gels. There are three reasons for this. Firstly injections are prepared from formulations that are much cheaper than creams. Secondly, injecting testosterone is a safer method because creams can potentially cause allergies to the person who comes in contact with the substance. Besides, the injections need to be administered less often than creams which mean you will have to go through the embarrassment and misery less frequently. On the flip side, applying creams will reveal your condition to your partner which is something most people don’t want.

Testosterone injections benefits

First and foremost, testosterone injections maintain the appropriate level of hormone in the body. It also promotes maturation of reproductive organs and the development of secondary sexual characteristics in males. In women, it controls bone mass density and sexual appetite.

Testosterone Injections for Women The males taking these injections feel more confident and active as compared to those having this deficiency. You might be in your fifties but your muscular development needs to be proportional. With increasing age and declining testosterone, this was not possible. Moreover, testosterone injections allow you to think more logically. As for the women, when normal testosterone is available in blood, they are more cheerful, less irritated and most importantly, sexually active.

Testosterone injections – possible side effects

Just like any other hormonal therapy will have side effects, testosterone injections also have some risks. By artificially administering testosterone, the natural metabolism of your body is hampered. Apart from this, other side effects associated with this form of hormonal therapy are

Allergies appear subsequent to the administration of testosterone injection. These are identified as rashes and frequent itching on the skin. It might sometimes lead to nausea and vomiting. In some cases, swelling might occur and severe itching can cause localized bleeding.

Another prominent side effect occurs if you are on some other medication while taking testosterone injection. Some of the medicines used by diabetic patients or those meant for enhancing blood clotting can have altered effects if taken after testosterone injections. Although, testosterone will have the same effect but the action of other medicines is reduced.

Testosterone injections are esterified

The injection formulation of testosterone is prepared by esterifying the hormone. This allows for slow release of testosterone. After it is injected, it remains stored and shows the desired response over a period of time. Generally, the dose is between 50-300mg/injection. But this amount is subject to vary according to the ester group attached and the prescribed dosing regimen.

How testosterone injections are administered

Testosterone injections are prepared from various formulations among which cypionate, enanthate and propionate are the most prominent ones. They are preferably injected in the buttock region or into your thighs or arm muscles. The affects of any discomfort can be minimized b staying in a certain position. Also the position of injection needs to be rotated every time you get a dose.

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