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Diagnosed with low testosterone levels and need therapy? Find out what’s sapping your t and get a reliable hormone replacement therapy to end problems related to testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone Levels

For most bodybuilders, it is not something new that testosterone promotes the development of male sex organ besides giving rise to male characteristics like deepening of voice, growth of facial hair, increase in muscles and a healthy sex life. This hormone is produced in testicles whereas; female ovaries also produce this hormone in comparatively small amounts. Decline in testosterone levels in men can have serious consequences on your metabolism.

Maladies associated with low testosterone levels

There is potentially no need to mention that low testosterone levels in men can first and foremost let them lose their sex drive. The very subsequent thing to change is muscle mass and strength and sooner than you can think of a reason, your energy levels will plummet. Despite all your efforts in the gym and following a perfect diet, you will find that gaining muscles is something really hard to accomplish.

This is just the beginning. More maladies are still to come if you leave this condition untreated. Low testosterone levels will adversely affect your mood when you will start to feel depressed. You will have difficulty in remaining coherent and difficulty in focusing at work.

Increase in insulin resistance will also follow as testosterone levels decline. Rise in insulin hormone is an indicator that your body cells are not accepting testosterone efficiently. This will in turn reduce your body’s ability to lose fat.

What to do for dwindling testosterone levels

The right term is andropause and millions of men suffer from it. The loss of hormone is gradual as opposed to the female menopause that is gradual. Also the hot flashes that men experience are rare. There is a creeping increase in night and morning fatigue, reduced interest in sex. More than half of the male population remains in denial of the fact that testosterone levels decline after a certain age.

Most men rationalize that the stress at work and other financial burdens are the reason for these symptoms. However, even with your caring partner by your side on vacation cant cheer you up and the erections are fewer and ejaculation is less often. But men would rarely bring up the topic in front of their friends and will never even think about consulting a physician. They will try to compose themselves by thinking that it’s normal and bound to happen. For many people male menopause is an illusion. It’s precisely this inactivity that leads to unstoppable decrease in testosterone levels.

When you wake up in the middle of the night next time with your shirt soaking wet, don’t try to force yourself back to sleep thinking that it was an illusion. It’s a reality of your life. You need to get your testosterone levels tested.

So, what’s sapping your t – here are a few factors at play

  • When you are under stress, the level of cortisol rises in blood which in turn reduces your testosterone levels
  • Completing your sleeping hours replenishes the testosterone that you have lost during the day. However, most men these days are just skimping on their shut eyes. The lack of sleep is yet another reason for reduced tendency to produce testosterone.
  • Soy intake is often misinterpreted to have positive health effects. It is responsible for raising estrogen levels which is achieved after decreasing testosterone levels
  • Cigarettes have nicotine which inhibits and/or reduces testosterone production. Therefore smoking will actually take away your manhood.


Testosterone is the male hormone that is released in peak during puberty. It makes your muscles stronger and tunes you for sexual activity. This hormone is not only responsible for muscle development but also offers skin and penile turgor. Thus, the decline in testosterone levels can have profound effects on the health of a man.

Normal levels

The normal testosterone levels range between 350-1200ng/dl whereas, the average levels are estimated to be 700ng/dl. Some studies reveal that decline in testosterone levels was not so frequent in men some time back. It was very rare to find a man of 80 years old having testosterone levels as low as 250ng/dl. However, today this value is not uncommon even in the middle aged men. Scientists are of the opinion that it’s due to preservatives in food and the unhealthy lifestyle that resulted in hormonal disruption.

Restore testosterone levels with hormone replacement therapy

When your testosterone levels in blood reach 300ng/dl, it’s time to seriously think about this deficiency. Low testosterone treatment can reverse all symptoms and elevate your energy levels, enhance muscle mass, improve sex drive. On top of that, your cholesterol and cardiovascular profiles will be improved. However, the administration of hormone is believed to be something quite complicated. In fact, the administration is quite straight forward.

Yet, there is a need to be on your guard and minimize the side effects of hormone replacement therapy. By following some best practices, you will be able to accentuate the positives while minimizing the side effects of this treatment. With that said, let’s move on to some treatment options for restoring testosterone levels.

Gels and creams – popular in men

Low Testosterone Levels The most convenient means to administer testosterone is through creams or gels. Testim, androgel and other such compounded creams and gels are increasingly becoming a popular means to treat the condition of low testosterone. The use of these creams is support is supported by some while detracted by others. However, they are frequently used by men with low t due to their short half life and the ease of use. Other doctors harp on the unreliable results when some people have problem in absorption and are concerned that it can be transferred to children and cause allergies. Besides, gels and creams are quite expensive as compared to other formulations.

Testosterone injections

Injection testosterone is the most reliable and inexpensive means for this hormone replacement therapy. Some people don’t appreciate the idea of being poked by a needle. The society in general attributes it as something less charming to get testosterone shots.

Testosterone pallets

Administration of the hormone through pallets is slightly outdated now. It is however, preferred when the administration period is as brief as 6 months. The best part is that your physician can insert it as a quick procedure.

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