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A comparison of HGH vs steroids reveals human growth hormone supplements to be the better of the two. Inappropriate dosage of both these drugs can cause harm but anabolic steroids usually cause irreparable damage.

HGH vs Steroids

Whenever, there is any sports discussion on performance-enhancing drug, HGH and steroids are thrown in together as if they are synonymous. The two drugs are quite different entirely. Steroids make you strong but slow whereas; HGH improves your co-ordination and focus making you agile and active. Everyone might be familiar with steroids but many people don’t know what are human growth hormones?

For steroids, there is hardly any sporting event that hasn’t faced steroid abuse or being banned due to an opponent taking undue advantage of steroids within the professional arena. Every now and then we hear the news that an athlete is disqualified from the tournament as he failed in drug test. Those players take performance enhancing drugs such as steroids which yields them an unfair advantage. However when HGH vs steroids then human growth hormone supplements is a better choice.

What are human growth hormones?

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring protein comprising of 191 amino acids synthesized by somatotrophs, the specialized cells from the pituitary gland. This hormone controls metabolism and many other functions within the human body. HGH is a key hormone that promotes cell division, tissue repair, controls the release and levels of other hormones and enzymes in blood. During childhood and at the time of puberty, it causes the normal growth and development. However, in adults, the primary role of HGH is the sustenance of muscle mass, maintains body weight, provides vigor, strength and boosts energy levels

What are steroids?

Steroid is a broader term which includes corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. The two have different origin and function. Corticosteroids are known for speedily removing inflammation and swelling therefore it is used in medical practice against inflammatory conditions like arthritis. This drug is similar in structure and function to the hormone cortisol that is secreted from adrenal cortex. Anabolic steroids, on the other hand is a completely different class of ergogenic aids popularly known as performance enhancing drugs. Anabolic steroids enhance rapid protein synthesis; build stamina, boost physical energy and endurance which is why athletes or sportsmen use it extensively. Albeit, the illegal intake or inappropriate doses is the reason for ban on anabolic steroids.

HGH vs steroids – understanding the difference

Extensive use of human growth hormone supplements can also yield some side effects but they are minor and disappear when the drug is discontinued. The side effects of HGH appear on using injectible form but are practically none when administered in the form of supplements or sprays. On comparing HGH vs steroids, the latter has some harsh side effects.

While taking HGH as a supplement, the absorption is comparatively easy which is not the case in steroids. Moreover, there is no other option for the administration of anabolic steroids other than via injections. Whereas, injecting HGH is not a necessity; you can take other routes of administration like pills or sprays. This is primarily the reason for HGH attraction and acceptance among masses. HGH replacement therapy is not only expedient and convenient but it also eliminates the chances of contracting HIV from shared needles.

On comparing HGH vs steroids on the scale of price, growth hormone human is again a clear winner. Steroid injections are way too expensive while growth hormone supplements are fairly affordable.

The human growth supplement is not addictive so you won’t feel withdrawal symptoms or any intense cravings after you have stopped taking HGH whereas, steroids have some painful and harsh withdrawal symptoms.

Human growth supplement builds lean muscle, reduces body fat, stabilizes overall weight, increases stamina, reduces wrinkle formation, improves sleep, provides vitality and instills a feeling of well being. Apart from these benefits some of which are offered by anabolic steroids, HGH has the ability to retract or reverse the signs of aging and prevents the likelihood of various old age disorders. Hormone therapy treatment in old age promises better cardiac output, restored blood pressure, enhanced immune function, improved sexual performance, stronger and denser bones along with raised energy levels.

At the end of the day a sharp contrast exists while comparing HGH vs steroids. The obvious benefits and health effects of using growth hormone supplements makes it a better choice while considering health care aspects. On the other hand anabolic steroids are known to cause more harm than any good. What’s more dangerous is the fact that their side effects can be long lasting and irreparable.

HGH vs steroids – potential side effects of steroids that HGH lacks

Both HGH and steroids are taken by males and females for performance enhancements however, the anabolic steroids are known for some real side effects. In this context of HGH vs steroids, human growth hormone supplements are far more safe. For better understanding, read through the side effects of anabolic steroids.

In males: there will be a considerable decrease in sperm count of up to 90% with its extensive use. Other complications include impotence, breast enlargement (gynaecomastia), and reduction in testicle size with swelling and pain in the region while urinating.

In females: deepening of voice, reduction of breast size, facial hair growth and changes in menstrual cycle are some of the prominent effects.

Collective side effects: other common side effects manifested in both males and females is rapid weight gain, acne, nausea, increased cholesterol levels, liver damage, premature risk of heart attacks along with sleeping disorder.

As for the adolescents, the use of steroids can have severe consequences like premature stunted growth, radical mood swings leading to psychological problems and extreme depression. On the flip side the use of HGH vs steroids does not have these drastic changes. However, anabolic steroid users soon become addicts and have to bear withdrawal symptoms on discontinuing the drug.

HGH vs steroids – the better of the two

HGH or Steroids As you might have known by now that the bad effects of anabolic steroids cannot be paralleled by the growth hormone supplements. Where long term use of steroids can lead to male impotency and/or infections within genitals, growth hormone supplements have no such effects. Both HGH and steroid are used for muscular growth but after achieving the desired function, it’s really hard to quit using steroids. As far as HGH is concerned, it has no addictive properties because the growth hormone supplements are made from natural sources. So if you are taking HGH products, you don’t have the risk of filling your body with chemicals.

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