HGH Vs. Testosterone – Renew Your Youthful Zest! HGH Vs Testosterone ✔

With the decline in testosterone and growth hormones, your health and youth leaves from the back door. However HGH vs. testosterone levels can be restored to youthful balance with hormone replacement therapy.

HGH vs. Testosterone

Have you noticed a drop off in your energy, vigor and strength? Do you find it difficult to remain competitive in your job? Plus, you don’t really get the optimum results of dieting or those extreme sessions of workouts. You probably noticed that you no longer have the same sex drive. And that weight seems harder than ever to control. With those shooting stress and anxiety levels, you don’t feel like yourself anymore. To make matters worse, you have no idea whether it’s low HGH or declining testosterone that casted all these miseries in your life. You are just stuck in the confusion of HGH vs. testosterone.

With aging, you will get steep drop offs in hormone levels which set the pace for metabolic syndrome. However, help is accessible at AA Life Corp where you can consult our physicians for hormone therapy treatment, human growth injection or hrt replacement therapy. All meant to restore the normal hormonal levels and with it your natural health.

HGH vs. testosterone – the symptoms of low hormones

The two main reasons for low hormone levels can be some disease or disorder and aging. These are the two conditions when hormone levels naturally drop. The dramatic changes of this decline are felt over decades. However, all symptoms of low hormonal levels can easily be felt when you have crossed 40. You will start losing bone and muscle mass, develop ugly wrinkles and your sex drive will vanish in thin air.

Can a man benefit from both hormone therapies

In case of lowered HGH vs. testosterone, the symptoms are more or less the same. In reduced HGH or testosterone levels, you will have unhealthy weight gain i.e. gain in fat and loss in muscle mass along with exhaustion, loss of libido, and low sex drive. Just by hearing about these symptoms, one cannot determine which hormone is lacking. In most cases, you don’t need a comparison on HGH vs. testosterone because both have declining levels. So instead of singling out one from the benefits of HGH vs. testosterone therapy, you can actually take advantage of both. Hence the answer to the above question is a yes. However, you should not opt for any hormonal replacement therapy unless the low levels of hormones are proven from your biochemical or physiological tests.

HGH vs. testosterone deficiency diagnoses

Whether it’s an HGH or testosterone deficiency, you will have to go through a blood test to find out. Both hormone deficiencies can be detected after which after physicians will suggest testosterone or HGH therapy to hold back aging and cure its signs. With an optimal dosage of HGH or testosterone, your hormonal levels can be restored.

Who wants an hrt replacement therapy

The people looking forward to a suitable hormone therapy has either already experienced the signs of aging or those who have just started to get a glimpse. In both cases, the aging men and women want a better life and hormone therapy is the way to go. Your doctor will ease your quest for HGH vs testosterone by prescribing injectable hormone therapy to restore your health, vitality and longevity in the presence of the following symptoms.

  • Loss of energy and constant fatigue
  • Low sexual desire
  • Memory loss
  • Wrinkles on skin
  • Hair loss
  • Reduced healing
  • Lack of focus
  • Tendency for increasing cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Joint and muscle pain

Found deficient in both, what next…

If you feel the reason of your deteriorating health is hormone deficiency, then you won’t be able to determine which hormone you are lacking. You need to consult an endocrinologist and get an appointment to discuss about your hormonal deficiencies. There are various clinics and pharmacies available that can help you get back on track with a suitable hormone replacement therapy that can bring the levels of declining hormones back to normal.

HGH vs. testosterone injection

Although, there are various routes of hormonal, injectable hormone replacement therapy is the most effective of them all. For patients having HGH vs. testosterone deficiencies most physicians will suggest injectable solution. As every individual is different therefore in some cases testosterone creams or gels are given to patients found deficient in these hormones. However, if you don’t have any serious risk from injections, then your clinical advisor will instruct you to take injections. You can either get those injected from our trained staff or simply self-administer HGH or testosterone injections after learning about its safety administration procedure.

How to know if HGH vs testosterone therapy works

The duration of hormonal therapy can take a couple of months after which you start to feel the results. However, some people get impatient and request for high dosage. It is important to note that a high dosage cannot cure those aging symptoms the way a low hormone dosage can. If you really wish to know whether or not, the HGH vs. testosterone therapy works for you, then there is an option to get your HGH IGF-1 levels evaluated. After giving you a prescribed dosage of the given hormone if you are still found deficient then our doctors will suggest the right protocols to reinstate your lost youth by returning HGH levels. At times, the correct brand of the product makes all the difference. In any case, the apparent result won’t be so fast but at the end of the day, you won’t regret taking HGH or testosterone therapy.

HGH vs. testosterone – the therapy that suits you

HGH or Testosterone Lacking in HGH or testosterone? Certainly difficult to determine on your own! A doctor specializing in hormonal deficiencies can help you there. Get an appointment with a physician and discuss your clinical reports. If there is testosterone deficiency due to andropause or any other abnormality then testosterone therapy will be recommended. However, with declining HGH as a consequence of aging, growth hormone therapy is perfect for your condition. With a hormone therapy, you will get right back on track to feel like you felt in your youth. The prominent changes will take some time to appear but you will surely get increased muscle mass, loss in fat, and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

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