HGH Therapy – User Concerns, Benefits & Safe Administration

Often on regular checkups doctors mention the HGH levels but we don’t comprehend what they mean. This and several other questions are there on the minds of those to whom their doctors prescribe HGH therapy.

HGH Replacement Therapy

There are several questions and concerns related to HGH therapy. But before you know the different possibilities behind Hormone replacement therapy, you ought to be familiar about HGH and its effects on our bodies.

What are Human Growth Hormones?

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is an essential Hormone produced by the pituitary gland of our body. Its functions are to control the growth of different parts of the body and to monitor the working of different organs. During our childhood days it is normally present in abundance and that is why our bones grow so fast and a remarkable growth in size is observed. However when we age and reach up to fifties and sixties, this hormone is produced in much lesser amounts and hence we start showing deteriorating signs that just get more and more apparent with passing time.

Doctors often prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy for such patients who are really low on HGH. However such patients are met by many unpleasant and safety concerns that keeps them worried and hesitant to opt for HGH therapy

Is HGH therapy safe?

The most obvious answer to this question is yes. It is perfectly safe and it is not responsible to cause any kind of cancer. A very great proof can be derived from the research held in 2002 by Swerdlow, Higgins and some other doctors who tried unsuccessfully to relate HGH therapy with prostrate and colon cancer. The people were given large quantities of HGH products and it later turned out that none of them developed cancer. Doctors suggest that HGH can not affect cancer cells because the HGH chains cannot tie up with the receiving ends of the cancer cells as these cells are deformed and have no working receptor site. Many of the people who had undergone cancer therapy like Chemotherapy or radiations later are advised to receive HGH medications to get back the muscle mass lost due to the cancer or sleeplessness.

Will it harm me if I have too much HGH medications?

We already know that anything taken in too much excess is likely to cause harm to our body. You may be unaware of the fact that even excess of water can harm our bodies to a great extent. In excess, water can form a type of diabetes called diabetes insipidus which can lower our sodium levels to such an extent that we become unconscious or have fits or convulsions. Therefore HGH medications taken in abundant quantities like around hundred times the recommended dosage can harm our body. This can be the pain in the joints and knee bones and swollen body parts typically the tendons of hands and wrists. It can also increase the growing of your bones to such an extent that your forehead bone can be seen as a protrusion.

The effects are perfectly real and already tried by the athletes who took HGH medications in large quantities in the untested games in the 1990s.

How soon will HGH therapy show its effects?

As soon as the HRT therapy starts the hormone gets activated and starts working on cell of the body. However the changes HGH brings to your body will appear after some time. The reason behind this time delay is that the effects produced by the HGH medications need to be very large enough to cross a particular barrier above which our human senses can notice. Basically the first effect the patients have and they seem to sense is the lessening of the time of their sleep and decrease in the need to sleep. The reason is that the HGH therapy gives the patients more energy and activeness.

Initially the patients also find that there is a considerable increase in libido that is the desire for sex. Later on the enduring and physical power also increases to such an extent that is noticed by the patient. As the patients near their third month of following their diet and HGH medication plan along with the exercises, they start facing some reduction in fats and rise in the muscles mass which can be measured not only by visible eyes but also through electronic means.

IS HGH counted as a steroid and what are its legal implications?

HGH Therapy Program HGH can never be counted as any of the steroids and it surely it is not illegal. However certain sport authorities do not permit the use of HGH medications during the sports because it is clear that it gives the players an unfair benefit over those who are playing without HGH medications. This rule is not because of any health or safety reason and is only there so that the games remain fair and avoids any complaints later on. Furthermore buying HGH from any foreign company working abroad and transporting it to your place without any valid medical authorization is considered an illegal act. Moreover HGH bought through any black market or without proper authorization is also illegal because in such cases the medicines are kept in unnecessarily heated areas like warehouse or the trunks of cars and trucks. In such cases the medicines can be damaged and expired and should be not be used as per a strict safety precaution.

What if I stop HGH therapy in the middle?

No harmful or sudden effects for such an action will be observed. In fact the aging process will continue as it was going on before and the process of weakening and aging will go on without any sort of acceleration. The reason for this is that the mitochondria which are the power house of cells are activated by HGH to produce more of the compounds named ATP which fuels the cells and provide it energy. At this rate we have more energy and feel more ready and active for physical exercises.

HGH therapy has many concerns and questions about it for the people who use it. However if we notice the positive effects of this therapy, we won’t ever mind the minute and insignificant negative aspects to it. Who will mind getting young again with so much strength and energy?

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