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Get HGH shots and keep aging at bay! Synthetic growth hormone emerges as the most prominent and much needed invention of this century. It has anabolic effects yet its administration is completely safe.

HGH Shots

The baby boomers have now reached an age where signs of aging become prominent, yet these people carry a desire to defy and prevent those troubling effects of aging. This desire makes them try some cutting-edge measures to shoo away or avoid aging if possible. It has now been a decade since when many people tried HGH shots. However, recently there has been a growing debate on whether HGH shots a day can actually keep aging at bay.

This is true to the core. But all those desperate aging guys need to realize that using these injections without proper prescription or consultation from a doctor is as bad as not having a treatment at all. After all, it’s a drug whose administration needs to be monitored. Moreover, every invention has its positive effects when utilized properly and negative effects when misused.

What are HGH shots?

HGH shots are formulations made from bio-identical form of the complex hormone that is naturally synthesized in our body. HGH shots have the recombinant version of the actual hormone which is an ideal hormonal replacement therapy. Naturally, there is a decline in blood HGH levels when you age. As this happens, you start to lose the typical qualities of youth like stamina, vibrant skin, hair bloom sharp mind and much more.

HGH shots will replace the hormone back into your system to reverse the signs of aging. Since the decade of its use, HGH injections are still under controversy. However, the main reason for the appearance of side-effects from the use of HGH is due to the misuse or rather abuse of HGH shots. If taken under supervision or after consulting the concerned doctor, the effects of HGH will delay the signs of aging and improve your overall wellbeing.

Are HGH shots similar to anabolic steroids?

Growth hormone human is not an anabolic steroid yet it has some similar effects. Anabolic steroids are synthetically manufactured substances whereas HGH is naturally made and secreted from pituitary gland. HGH shots are gaining popularity among athletes who wish to prevent the side-effects of anabolic steroids. Therefore, they use growth hormone supplements or injections to strengthen muscles and improve strength. Another plus is that, the synthetic hormone drug is not detected in blood or urine tests.

How to get HGH shots

Looking for HGH shots? Beware of scams that are just after your money and eager to spoil your health. Only trust renewable companies or pharmacies that have professionals trained to offer suitable hormone therapy replacement according to the medical condition of each patient. Administration of HGH shots involves a series of diagnostic procedure where tests are conducted, lab reports are evaluated and then you are handed over the prescription to buy products from recognized dispenser or pharmacy.

HGH shots – recommended brands

Where competing brands sell HGH injections, there are a few trustworthy brands that you can look up to. Reviews are given and medical studies are conducted over various such products. At AA Life Corp, our physicians recommend only the finest quality injections such as:

  • Genotropin
  • Omnitrope
  • Tev-tropin
  • Norditropin
  • Saizen

Safe dosages for HGH shots

HGH shots are usually available in the form of powders that can be reconstituted with a specific type of water known as bacteriostatic water. The reconstitution has to be done just prior to injecting. Once the formulation is ready, it has to be refrigerated for a while to keep it stable. The dosage varies from individual to individual. In some cases, 16.5 IU of the drug is distributed in 3 doses to be administered within a week.

However, mostly, the dosage is much lower than this. Now the recommended dosage for growth hormone deficient individuals is 4 – 8 IU per week which is to be administered in 2 doses per day for 6 days a week. The person suffering from low HGH symptoms are trained by their hormone replacement therapy physicians to administer these injections subcutaneously first thing in the morning and before bed. Injections have to be skipped for the 7th day.

A certified and experience doctor will prescribe the dose according to the individual condition and the age of the patient. When there is no significant deficiency and the patient is only having a decline due to aging, then the doctor starts treatment with low doses. Ideally, a qualified physician will inject a dose as low as 0.5 IU in a day while slowly increasing it in 0.5 IU monthly if needed to restore growth hormone levels. Additionally, the older patients are more sensitive therefore they need comparatively low dosage as opposed to the younger patients in need of HGH shots. This will keep you on the safe side and prevent you from crossing the 2IU in a day dosage that is believed to cause side effects.

How long does it take for HGH shots to kick in?

The simple answer to this question is that everyone is different. You can notice change in almost a month or sometimes it takes a couple or so months. Consider if the effects of HGH shots were analogous to working out where you start to get a hint of change after working out for a week or perhaps a month. Similar is the case here. You start to notice the change and feel the difference after reaching the mark of 3 to 4 months. In some cases, fat meltdown is felt from the first week. However, it is not until 6 months or so that you get a good indication that the HGH shots are really working for you.

Alternatives to HGH shots

HGH shots will give you life changing experiences. You will feel rejuvenated, active, vitalized and back in life, but still it’s not a necessity to take HGH shots if you wish to get the benefits of growth hormone human. After studying your medical history, some of the physicians will suggest you alternatives to injectable HGH products that are safe and trigger natural human growth hormone production. According to a school of thought, HGH shots must only be used as the last resort.

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