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HGH Injections Side Effects The invention of recombinant synthetic human growth hormone was s revolution in medical science that proved to be a viable treatment option for growth hormone deficiency conditions in children including kidney diseases, stunted growth and other genetic problems. Without any medical complication or any real need, the use of HGH injections can produce negative effects. Usually, HGH injections side effects are experienced in patients or users who don’t stick to the prescription and increase the blood hormone levels beyond normal. Some of the apparent HGH injections side effects include paleness of skin, pain, digestive and some neurological issues.

Be aware of HGH injections side effects

The most common side effects like gigantism, carpal tunnel syndrome and water retention are observed if the quality of product is compromised or when the administered dosage is incorrect. Hence it is highly imperative to buy HGH injections from recognized and certified institution after getting a physicians prescription stating the appropriate dosage for your hormone growth deficiency condition. After all, every individual is not same. Apart from that, the selection of an appropriate brand will also help you prevent HGH injections side effects.

Are there any HGH injections side effects in kids

Growth hormone administration does not result in any significant side effects when growth hormone replacement therapy is used to treat hormonal inadequacy. Especially, the children having multiple pituitary deficiencies or hypopituitarism experience a condition of hypoglycemia that evades with adequate treatment. With the provision of growth hormone, the excess body fat is rapidly converted into muscle tissue and hence growth continues. While following the recommended dosage, chances are grim that any of the HGH injections side effects will appear. Perhaps, it’s the long term use or over dosage that can prompt the signs of excessive growth hormone like acromegaly. However, you don’t have to fear this condition unless the child is on a properly prescribed hormonal replacement therapy. Besides, there are also no apparent changes in the child’s mood. In fact, they will have an enhanced self esteem along with other improved psychological aspects.

How long will a growth hormone deficient child be on injections?

Usually growth hormone injections are available in the form of powder or premixed liquid. In some cases, it is available with devices that make use of vial to mix it. In kids, hrt replacement dose is given for 6-7 days in a week. The doctor knows best that the growth hormone injections have to be given until a complete bone elongation and maturation has been achieved. This takes a span of 16 for males and around 14 years for females.

After that you need to consult a physician if you intend to continue growth hormone replacement therapy. In case of adult hormonal deficiency or the teenagers who have achieved full growth can still continue the hormone therapy treatment without inflicting any HGH injection side effects. However, the doctors will suggest some simulation tests to get an idea of the peak values. If they are less than 5mg/ml growth hormones in blood than you still qualify for continuing with hormonal replacement therapy. The adults diagnosed of low growth hormone levels often have an impaired quality of life with reduced capacity to exercise and reduced ability to metabolize fat and cholesterol leading to reduction in muscle mass and bone density.

Ruling out the possibility of cancer from HGH injections side-effects

Growth Hormone Injections Side Effects With a chronic dose of growth hormone, there are some HGH injections side effects. However, the possibility of developing cancer is totally ruled out by most scientists or researchers. Just image the athletes taking abnormal dose of growth hormone are seen to have gigantism or acromegaly but none of such players have developed cancer despite the high drug dosage. Moreover, the kids having a history of cancer are sometimes asked to take growth hormone supplements or those who have been taking them for years don’t develop cancer. In reality, individuals having highest growth hormone levels have the lowest risk of developing cancer. It is with the decrease in growth hormone, that you get vulnerable to cancer

Abusing HGH injections side effects

Human growth hormone has anabolic characteristics but is not a steroid which is why athletes or body builders prefer to use it for enhancing their performance. HGH injections side-effects results from excessive use of this drug. The effects can be mid or severe varying from individual to individual. HGH administration was initially aimed for correcting hormonal imbalance but there is a group of people who abuse it. Most of the athletes aiming to achieve artificial stamina and strength are the ones abusing this drug.

HGH injections side effects –short term

Most of the endocrinologists or growth hormone therapy doctors will discuss with you the short term side effects. Normally, HGH injections are safe but in some cases minor short term side effect are observed like pain in joints, resistance to insulin and water retention. In case of short-term usage of biosynthetic hormone, swelling of joints is also observed. When the patient takes a high dosage in a small span, it can lead to aggressions and mood swing episodes.

HGH injections side effects – long term

According to doctors or hormone therapy specialist, the use of hormonal replacement therapy has to be discontinued after using it for one year. For starting it again, there needs to be a gap of at least one year. HGH injections side effects are evident with a long term use of the drug without supervision. The undue excess of growth hormone can result in:

  • Acromegaly
  • Heart enlargement
  • Extremely low blood sugar levels leading to diabetic coma
  • Water retention
  • Liver and thyroid damage
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Premature death

Avoid HGH injections side effects

Using hormone replacement therapy for the treatment of hormone deficiency condition or for anti-aging is absolutely fine. However, you are vulnerable to HGH injections side effects, if you

  • Purchase injectable HGH products online without any prescription
  • Buy cheap growth hormone supplements
  • Use extra dose to get the benefits of hrt replacement therapy
  • Getting biosynthetic hormonal therapy treatment products from a non reliable brand

Hence, it’s best to avoid growth hormone products without prescription from a certified practitioner who is specialized for treating growth hormone deficiencies.

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