Testosterone – Get Your Swagger Back!

Without enough of it, men get depressed, cranky, intellectually muddled, and experience a low sex drive. Bingo! you have guessed it right, its testosterone that makes a man.


Testosterone– there wouldn’t be cigar lounges and locker rooms without it. And wait a minute… where would you be without it. Simply put, testosterone gives you masculinity which no man will ever want to lose. However, you might be surprised to know that testosterone starts to leave you and takes along all your vigor with it as you start aging.

To all the men in age group of 35 – 55

Do you feel exhausted all the time? Have you started to lose muscle mass and put on fat? Do you feel your sexual performance has declined? If you have answered yes to all these questions, then you are probably having low testosterone levels. AA Life Corp can help you there. We are geared to diagnose your condition and then provide you relevant rejuvenation therapies to improve your quality of life.

Surely, you would wish to remain looking like a man. For that, you will need steady levels of testosterone or androgens. This is primarily, the hormone that promotes normal growth of male sex organs and is also responsible for the maintenance of their secondary characteristics. With low levels of testosterone, you will become anxious and depressed and will feel a low sex drive. But this is not all. Decline in testosterone levels will reduce your muscle mass and strength and you will have accumulation of fat in your upper body and abdominal region.

This rarely known condition of androgen deficiency results when the body tissues are not exposed to sufficient levels of androgens or testosterone. Body tissues need these hormones to function normally. But there is a fair amount of hope with testosterone replacement therapy for all those who have lower than normal levels of testosterone.

Who is at risk?

Rarely, there are any reported cases of young males suffering from the deficiency of testosterone. Usually, the deficiency starts due to aging. However, the presence of some particular medical conditions can sharply hamper the ability of your body to make sufficient levels of testosterone even before you are off age. Unlike the symptoms of menopause that hit the female like a train, the signs of andropause are slow and creep in over you. This leaves most men in complete disarray as to what’s wrong. You might wake up and feel lousy and sleepy all day long.

Importance of testosterone

Many factors can be associated to decrease in male fertility like motility, semen volume but there is one more thing that decreases male fertility and that is the decline of testosterone. So it’s not only aging that contributes to the reduction of testosterone, its reduced levels can well be due to subfertility, a condition in which testosterone is lowered temporarily. If you are having poor fertility, take a good look at your male hormone levels, low testosterone will often be found as the culprit.

Testosterone regulates and maintains sexual functioning in both men and women but is prominently responsible for masculinity in men. It controls semen production, sexual development and sex drive. The levels of testosterone rise during puberty to develop male sexual organs which enables semen production and male fertility processes.

The ongoing decrease in testosterone levels mainly contributes to some bigger risks muscle loss, brittle bones, obesity and might even lead to impotence. Besides, low testosterone can elevate the risk of heart attack in most men. Therefore, it is a hormone vital for male health. However the women also need some amount of testosterone for their muscle strength, bone density and libido

Restoring testosterone

For the clinical administration of testosterone, oral, injectable, buccal and transdermal means are usually applied. Each formulation has its own key area. The injections of testosterone cypionate and enanthate esterified in oil soluble preparations have a typical dosage of 100 mg per week. The serum levels show peak in testosterone 2 to 5 days after administration.

Another mode of therapy is through hormone cream that emerges as the most efficient and reliable means treatment. The best thing about creams is that they don’t cause any sort of irritation like patches and because they don’t go through liver metabolism hence they are more effective than pills. Moreover, unlike the intramuscular injections or implants, they don’t inflict any pain and do not lead to fluctuating hormone concentrations in blood.

T Hormone Taking testosterone is like revving up your engine which can dramatically improve one’s health and give you an overall feeling of well being. No matter what treatment you have taken, you will notice a change in your energy levels, stamina and an increased sex desire. These changes will start appearing as the t hormone therapy takes effect. If you are a fun loving person, testosterone might also improve your humor, desire for romance, feeling active while awake, and the ability to lose weight gets better.

Are your testosterone levels restored?

Once testosterone levels return, you will feel a difference. Let’s focus on the positives first, shall we. Remember the erections you used to wake up with in the mornings, if they start again, then it’s the first sign that your t is heading back to normal.

You will feel more confident, focused and find your lost passion in life. It’s actually your testosterone talking. All of a sudden, the women you hardly noticed in your office will draw your attention. With low testosterone, if you previously felt withdrawn, quite and passive, after getting your swagger back you will find yourself chatting with your neighbors or some other strangers. And the projects, you were delaying lately will also be taken care of.

With normal testosterone restored, sex with your love will change

All of a sudden, you will get the rush of passion and feel more active and creative in the bed. At the climax of one such session, perhaps your love will notice your increased ejaculation volume. The size of testicles get back to normal after semen production in your body revs up. What comes next is pure bounty. You will get your confidence and feel more motivated to exercise.

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