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Human growth hormone is considered a wonder drug and rightly so. With its favorable characteristics, role as a performance enhancer, its popularity is increasing with each passing day.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Here a basic law of nature!

HGH is like a parent hormone, when you have it in your blood in sufficient levels, other hormone levels will increase as well leading to cascade effect. This keeps you above the death line. As long as you remain above that line, nature considers you fertile from your blood serum. Therefore nature will keep you strong, your bones dense, immune system functional, libido engaged, faster healing. This is because nature still considers you biologically viable to rear offspring.

The moment you fall below death line hormonally, nature will consider you obsolete and thus accelerate your death. So your body turns into the fertilizer for fruits and vegetables. It seems cold to put it this way, but it’s a very basic rule of nature. Being a biological organism, we are a blend of hormones and nutrients, deficient in one and we will fall sick and can eventually die. Managing the levels of hormones subtly will increase your chances of defying death which is your birthright.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone is a long peptide secreted from anterior portion of pituitary gland just below the brain. HGH promotes and enhances tissue growth by regulating protein formation. This hormone controls several different functions which is why it is referred to as the key hormone. It promotes youth, restores energy and is beneficial for your overall health.

Secretion of HGH gets maximized during adolescence which makes perfect sense as it stimulates the growth of the body tissues. However, it is still needed after puberty for the normal growth and maintenance.

Functions of HGH

The growth hormone from pituitary gland either directly or indirectly affects various processes in the body. The two major roles of HGH are in growth and metabolism.

Growth: HGH effectively stimulates the growth, cell division of all tissues including bone and muscles since infancy till adulthood. The hormone triggers formation of growth plates which promotes bone elongation. Moreover, the hormone induces the release of insulin-like protein that promotes muscle, bone and other tissue growth. HGH is not the only hormone responsible for growth. Other hormones like LH, thyroid stimulating hormone and follicle stimulating hormone are also responsible for growth and development.

Metabolism: HGH is one of the agents that regulates metabolism. The chemical process of metabolism aids the conversion of food into energy, waste and tissue. Growth hormone regulates protein build-up, maintenance of blood sugar levels. Furthermore, human growth hormone also has a role in maintaining bone density and cholesterol levels thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis and high cholesterol.

How HGH levels vary with age

Human growth hormones are produced naturally throughout your lifespan however; their levels in blood are not always the same.

HGH Therapy Since birth and during childhood, this hormone is secreted by pituitary gland into your blood stream to handle various growth related functions. If a child suffers from pituitary disorder that blocks the production or release of growth hormone, then he will have stunted growth. kids having hormone deficiency will have short stature while in adults, low hormone levels lead to reduced muscle mass with altered cholesterol and reduced bone strength. All aging men and women have a gradual decline in blood hormone levels that get drastically reduced with old age.

Hormone replacement therapy

To treat the symptoms resulting from lowering hormone levels, the synthetic version of HGH is often prescribed by doctors. In some cases when the pituitary gland has tumor, surgery is often the answer to the problem. Usually an appropriate HGH injection dose can help you restore muscle mass and balance the reduced body fat. In most individuals, this translates into better strength, more stamina for exercise and an improved overall health.

HGH can significantly remove your undesirable body fat. If you are indulged in unhealthy habits like smoking drinking and avoiding a proper diet and exercise plan, you can still reduce your body fat by 14%. However, a significant weight loss is not observed mainly because 8.8% fat has been transformed into lean muscle mass. After 6 months into an appropriate hormone replacement therapy, the sin is more firm and there is an increase in bone density. The bottom line is that HGH appears to have reversed the adverse effects of aging. In most cases, doctors recommend the administration or HGH through injections. However, the nonprescription forms of HGH are also available. You can buy the nonprescription type of HGH via a mail order or from over the counter.

Recombinant HGH therapy

Growth hormone formulation synthesized from recombinant DNA technology can significantly help to reduce the acquired growth hormone deficiency symptoms in adults. It is a novel therapeutic option most effective when injected. Synthetic growth hormone replacement therapy can reverse the growth hormone deficiency symptoms even when it’s given in low dosage.

How to get human growth hormone

If you have been receiving growth hormone in normal levels from the anterior lobe of pituitary gland, HGH levels are still going to decline after the age of 30. This is precisely the time when you need to administer HGH from external sources. Also for kids having growth hormone deficiencies are suggested by pediatricians to take growth hormone supplements. As for adults, they take hormone replacement therapy. Since the HGH injections (most viable cure) are considered illegal, therefore the drug cannot be administered without a prescription. Here’s the procedure you need to follow:

You can either take growth hormone through subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. In order to avoid any sort of complications, it’s better to know how to administer growth hormone. Certainly you don’t want to inject the wrong medicine so you have to make sure that the vial has human growth hormone. Check the expiry date draw the prescribed amount of medication after inserting the needle in the rubber stopper. Swab the injection site with alcohol and allow it to dry. Inject the needle at an angle of 90 degree. As opposed to the intramuscular injection, for the subcutaneous injection, the syringe has to be angled at 45 degrees. This can be a more painful procedure since you are injecting near the surface of the skin.

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