Testosterone restoration for men who wish to restore their youthful body

Testosterone restoration for men who wish to restore their youthful body

For reasons, unknown, it seems tough for you to remain competitive in job or business and your life. Those painful workouts are getting fruitless and you are no longer getting the results you were accustomed to. No matter how hard you run, it seems a tedious job to stay in shape. For the simple reason, aging men experience some changes in their bodies with aging. Abdominal fat piles on without effort and your muscle strength reduces sharply while you get a distressed feeling and a low sex drive. A man’s miseries don’t end here.

They are also under the serious risk of heart diseases, depression and health problems. Although, most physicians along with media members are quick to dismiss these woes by declaring them a part of the natural aging process, there is bound to be some cause of these symptoms. The gradual and steady decline of sex hormones especially testosterone is the reason for deterioration of men’s health.

If you wish to seek an edge, testosterone therapy is the finest cure to renew your lost zest for life. Both your testosterone and growth hormone can be restored to normal levels. Most of the health care practitioners have no cure for men who are suffering from signs of low testosterone. Their treatment only comprises of antidepressants or cholesterol reducing drugs.

However, some of the progressive doctors now realize the connection and importance of growth hormones and aging disorders. Restoration of youthful hormone levels not only provides youthful hormone levels but is also associated with ones optimal sexual performance along with revitalization of energy and strength. Most importantly, you wouldn’t like to try testosterone therapy if you were to know that it also reduces the risk of various age-related conditions like diabetes, loss of muscle and bone mass, hypertension, fatigue and other risks.

Why men look pregnant

Have you ever noticed the protruding bellies men usually get after a certain age? It seems as if men were destined for this fate. As if they were cursed to look pregnant for the rest of their lives. If you wish to break free out of this hideous look, nothing can help you better than a well prescribed testosterone therapy program. The link between obesity and low testosterone can best be explained by hypogonadal/obesity cycle. With a steady decline in testosterone you enter a cycle where abdominal fat increases the conversion of testosterone to estradiol which further lowers the release of testosterone and eventually the tendency to store abdominal fat increases by many folds.

Usually, the male belly gets to show the signs first making men look hideous. Moreover, most aging men have a greater estrogen to testosterone ratio which seriously impairs their masculinity and they have reduced sexual desire. With falling free-testosterone levels, men will be forced into depression. However, there is sufficient evidence to prove that with the appropriate testosterone therapy, your sexual function can be improved.

Boosted energy levels

The key factor that actually helps you elevate energy levels is insulin sensitivity. By doing so, more fat is burned to release energy rather than using sugar. This means you will be burning fat even while you are not exercising. More studies from endocrinology have suggested a clear link between hormone levels, estrogen level, insulin resistance along with body fat accumulation especially in aging men. With testosterone restoration, you can safely boost your energy levels.

Improved sex drive

Besides loss of enthusiasm and vigor, there is also a subsequent decline in sex drive due to declining testosterone levels. This can impair your sexual performance and thus affect the relationship with your partner. With testosterone restoration in men, the problem of erectile dysfunction can be cured and the individual gets more sexual thoughts.

Better mood and memory

Mood and memory are the two things that go hand in hand and these are the two things affected by declining testosterone levels. This hormone has long been associated with various psychological disorders including depression. Moreover, the conventional antidepressants usually given to patients are known to suppress libido. Why opt for antidepressants while you can eliminate the need for antidepressants with testosterone therapy. Speaking of memory, alertness and cognition are also often governed by suitable testosterone treatment which positively effects hormonal balance and help you remain in better moods.

Testosterone can also protect your nerve cells against various toxins which in turn prevents oxidative stress in men. Besides, various neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s is a pretty good indicator of declining testosterone levels in men.

Increased Healing

Testosterone therapy in the form of supplements or injections is responsible for improved metabolism and better muscle strength. Moreover, the integrity of your bones depends on the ratio between bone resorption and formation. Incidentally, this ratio is also controlled testosterone and estrogen levels along with other factors. Various clinical trial studies demonstrate that testosterone levels are responsible for elevating bone mineral density in aged men.

Restores bone density

Another dangerous sign of declining testosterone is the reduction in bone density. When this occurs due to aging, there is rapid bone loss in both sexes. Men who exceed the age of 60 are susceptible to bone disorders. The ratio is still less than that in females, yet the condition needs to be treated before it goes out of hands. All such men are in need of testosterone restoration. However, the timing for the treatment is also important. You will certainly not wish to wait until your 60s to start with testosterone therapy. By that time, your bones have increased chances of fractures and perhaps the treatment might not be as effective as it could have been if you have started testosterone administration a few years back.

Heart health and testosterone

It’s common knowledge now that low testosterone raises the chances of cardiovascular disorders since the testosterone levels are linked to metabolic syndrome. For those who are unaware of the name metabolic syndrome might not be unfamiliar with the condition. It’s a deadly combination of hypertension, lipid disorders, insulin resistance and piling up of abdominal fat within the same individual. In this condition, men are under the sheer risk of having cardiovascular diseases. This explains why men are the easy victims of heart disorders. Hence the administration of testosterone is not only an assurance to returning your manhood but is also vitally important for your health.

Other studies on testosterone administration

Another study was conducted on a group of middle-ages men who were given a dose of 500mg injections which raised their insulin sensitivity. The results from testosterone treatment were confirmed from the observation of reduced insulin resistance in most test subjects. Some further studies in the field of endocrinology also revealed that testosterone injections aid in metabolic syndrome.

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