Significance of Testosterone in Females

Indeed women produce testosterone, lesser than males but just enough to play a vital role in their physiology. They don’t have to buy testosterone injections to address the hormonal deficiency. In most female deficiencies, the testosterone creams and gels make the best supplement.

Significance of Testosterone in Females

When it comes to women, they are more influenced by hormones as compared to men. Take testosterone, for instance. It is a male sex hormone and the females only produce one-tenth of testosterone than men, but it still plays a vital role in their physiology. A normal woman will have 300mcg hormone production at the beginning of the day but unlike men, they are able to retain a greater percentage of the hormone in blood.

The problem is that the importance of this hormone in females has not yet been understood completely. You will rarely hear that the blood testosterone levels of a female are measured or she is recommended to buy testosterone injections owing to her deficiency. In fact, most doctors don’t know how to administer testosterone even if it declines in females. So far the world only knows that androgens are male hormones and estrogen is the female hormone.

Unfortunately, there are just a few studies that explain the implications of testosterone therapy on females and in most cases the administration of the hormone was done either orally or transdermally. Since female don’t require testosterone in high concentration, these means of administration are enough to help them cope with the deficiency. But the use of testosterone is rarely considered to address the problem in females.

Testosterone prescription for females

If you think you can get help on testosterone deficiency by seeing your local physician, then you are wrong. Seriously, it’s hard to find a physician who will be willing to give you a testosterone prescription. The fact of the matter is that you cannot find help with the normal pharmacies. You will have to do a little bit of research to find doctors who can recommend sublingual or transdermal testosterone for both men and women. However, a genuine doctor will ask for your saliva test first to identify the deficiency and to find out the testosterone levels are low enough to provide supplements. To determine the level of freely available testosterone, a blood test is also required.

In most cases, the female deficiency can be treated with testosterone patches that are capable of releasing 150mcg of testosterone on daily basis. But the treatment is way too expensive and because there is already very less testosterone in females, scientists and physicians alike don’t feel the need for women to buy testosterone injections. You can order testosterone creams or gels from online pharmacies if there are no local venders.

Testosterone insufficiency symptoms in females

The females suffering from testosterone insufficiency face more or less the same symptoms as the men with androgen deficiency. They have decreased libido and desire for sexual pleasure. Besides that, they experience constant fatigue and low energy levels along with reduced bone density, increased body fat, lack of cognitive abilities, irritability, and depression. The condition is often characterized by hot flashes which compelled most doctors and scientists to understand the importance of measurement of bioavailable testosterone in females and its supplementation in case insufficiency.

When women need testosterone therapy

In females, testosterone hormone is produced from the ovaries and adrenal glands. So if you have had your ovaries removed or there was any dysfunction, then the testosterone supply would be halved. Such patients are in need of testosterone therapy. In a research, women having oophorectomy were given 150mcg of testosterone patches while others were given 300mcg. The treatment was effective as it raised blood testosterone levels but at a very high price. A gentle application of 0.3% of testosterone cream can also do the trick in just a fraction of the price used for patches.

Medical science has proven time again that the loss of uterine function has some drastic effects on female mental and physical health. This is primarily the reason why some doctors say that the uterus or ovaries get useless after childbirth or when women have menopause. Now this leads to some physical and psychological changes giving rise to depression or loss of sexual function.

However with the administration of 150mcg or 300mcg dose of testosterone pallets, the frequency of sexual activity is improved. Even if a woman has undergone hysterectomy, the application of transdermal testosterone has also known to improve the overall psychological well-being. Besides that, the research also proved that the 150mcg dose was more beneficial than the double patch dose. One must not forget that women don’t need high concentrations of male sex hormone and that it can be really toxic if taken in greater amounts.

Another awesome search proves that women only produce 300mcg of testosterone and half of it is produced from ovaries while the other half is produced from adrenal glands. Now the logic says that when a woman goes through removal of ovaries or if they become non-functional otherwise, the amount of testosterone would be halved but this is not what actually happens. Testosterone levels gradually declines from 20 years to 50 years in female life and it is discussed as the Female Androgen Deficiency Syndrome that occurs before menopause. But surprisingly, the level of testosterone begins to stabilize after menopause. In this regard, scientists present an inference that since the ovaries cannot produce testosterone after menopause, the adrenal glands produce just enough hormones to cope up with the deficit.

Nevertheless, the hormone is never enough to help the women cope with PMS because for some people the symptoms of PMS are quite severe. The post menopausal symptoms can last up to 15 years after the menstrual cycle ceases. In all such individuals, the levels of testosterone will decline sharply. This does not imply that testosterone therapy is not the only cure to relief the patient against PMS nor does it emphasize that all PMS symptoms result from testosterone deficiency. The idea was just to draw your attention towards this important factor known as testosterone deficiency so that it can also be addressed wherever necessary.

This was the natural restoration of balance after menopause but unfortunately around one-third American women allow the removal of ovaries by the age of 40. Now this is something unnatural and needless in most cases. Often doctors seek an easy way out by this butchery that could be prevented. While most females consider it as something normal, it has some dire consequences. Honestly, men could have never been subjected to this form of butchery. It’s just that females can conveniently be fooled.

The women who had undergone removal of ovaries earlier in their life face a sudden drop in testosterone levels soon after the operation. Irrespective of the reason for oophorectomy, the decision is quite serious and alternative solutions must be considered. Ironically, there was no way to supplement that deficiency and to make matters worse; the subject was not even addressed. The patient returns home unaware of the fate ahead and then every day becomes a struggle against the symptoms of female androgen deficiency.

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