Is HGH dose critical to hormone replacement therapy treatment?

Is HGH dose critical to hormone replacement therapy treatment

Everyone wishes to look young, perform well and excel in career. It’s a very basic instinct. However, in reality, aging shatters all your dreams and future plans. In this scenario a single ray of hope appears in the form of growth hormone replacement therapy which not only restores your physical health but also provides mental strength. In fact, some scientists claim that recombinant human growth hormone is responsible for taking you 10 years back. So we know this for sure that growth hormone injections help in anti aging.

These findings have raised demand for growth hormone therapy among masses and more people are willing to get visible anti aging effects. However, the journey to this accomplishment is not so easy. Even if someone plans to opt for a suitable hormonal therapy treatment, they feel reluctant as they are unaware of dose specifications and other viable therapy options available to them. The mother of all fears is the fear of paying heavy bills.

The fear however is irrelevant owning to the fact that you can pay the cost from various insurance policies. The remaining concern of dosage is about to get removed.

HGH dose for anti aging

Certainly, the dose of synthetic growth hormone is critical to this form of treatment which is primarily the reason you must seek medical help. Those who opt for growth hormone replacement therapy as anti aging or healing drug will follow the following drug dose regime. Generally, 2-3 IUs in a day will suffice your need and restore the level of growth hormone in blood. Conversely, those patients who are in their mid age are recommended a dose of 1.5 to 2 IUs per day as a complete replacement.

HGH dose for gaining lean muscle mass

Hormone replacement therapy is also recommended in cases where there is more muscle to fat conversion. The average dose prescribed by a health practitioner in that case is 4-8 IUs in a day. This dosage can also be supplemented by testosterone, insulin and other medications if you are part of a drug therapy program.

Treatment starts with low dose

No matter what dose you will be prescribed for the span of six months, the starting dose must be low. The most appropriate way to begin growth hormone therapy program is to start with a minimum dose and let your body get acclimatized to the foreign, synthetic hormone and then ease your body into greater dosages. This helps you avoid some of the known side effects from high dose of growth hormone such as joint pain, bloating and swelling. If the patient has no previous medical condition, up to 2IUs are tolerable as a startup dose. Those who are taking growth hormone as a health supplement can continue using the same dose. As for those who take above 3IUs in a day, it’s wise to split the dose for 2 times in a day. Have a look at this hypothetical ramp up dose structure:

For 1st to 4th week, take one injection of 2IUs

For 5th week, take one injection of 2.5IUs

For 6th week, get 2 split doses of 1.5IUs each

For 7th week, get 2 split injections of 1.75IUs each

So on and so forth….

Note that this is not the actual dose regime. For that you need to consult any specialist. This was just to show how the ramp up works.

Dose adjustment to control side effects

While you are in the middle of growth hormone replacement therapy and the bloating gets unbearable, you have a free hand to reduce your dose by 25%. This drop must be maintained for a couple of week after which your physician will increase your dose if the minor side effects disappear. In case the side effect are not diminished after reducing the dose, than your doctor will suggest to drop the dose further and keep it that way for two more weeks before letting you proceed to the upward progression. In most cases, the bloating subsides within two months.

Other options for dose cycles

Patients who are under the normal therapy cycle, growth hormone injections are given twice a day for a period of 5 to 8 months. Various studies reveal that injecting growth leads to suppression of endogenous HGH, however, it is short-lived and wear out in 4 hours. Besides, one day off from HGH dose in a week allows the pituitary gland to trigger the release of natural growth hormone. Hence the belief that growth hormone injection shuts natural production is not true. In fact, the pituitary gland triggers long cycles of growth hormone release in patients undergoing the therapy.

Timings for growth hormone dose

It’s true that the dose is critical to the growth hormone therapy program, but the timing is also important. But first you need to know that growth hormone secretion is not constant. It is secreted into the bloodstream throughout the day in a pulsatile manner and the greatest release pulses occur 2 to 3 hours after you enter into deep sleep. After the administration of growth hormone it takes around three hours for the hormone to get absorbed and start functioning. However, the timing strategy for growth hormone is suggested by the doctor according to the patient’s and other factors. Since every individual is different, the therapy program also varies. This is mainly the reason why there is no single strategy and the dose timings are prescribed after examining the individual situation. Usually, the therapy begins after physical examination and a series of blood tests.

An individual willing to get hormone therapy in an age group of 20 to 40 might still have the tendency to produce sufficient levels of growth hormone. Therefore, the best time to get HGH injections is early morning after your body had released its own growth hormone during your sleep. When the dose of growth hormone is splitted, it is best to administer it during the hours when cortisol level is at its peak. The level of destructive hormone cortisol is at its peak in the morning and in early afternoon. Administration of growth hormone at these timings can reduce the effects of catabolic cortisol.

Adults who are beyond their 50s and can’t produce growth hormone are suggested to take growth hormone before going to bed. The patients undergoing growth hormone therapy treatment can actually mimic the actual pattern of growth hormone release by following the correct growth hormone dosage.

With that said, let me clarify the dosages discussed so far are generalized and the actual growth hormone dosage can only be prescribed after the physician studies your medical history and test reports. Therefore it’s not advisable to self inject growth hormone prior to any medical examination.


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