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Anti Aging HGH Therapy

Aging, as those who have been through it know is a totally irreversible process and once it starts appearing, it can’t be undone. However we need to first know why we have the signs of aging as we grow old. A very simple reason is the depletion of Growth hormones in our body which causes the growth of many parts of our body and makes us look and feel young. As we cross the ages of forties these magical hormones are reduced to great extents compared to how they were produced in the earlier days.

Very clearly, the effects of aging can’t be completely reversed but the right action at the right time on your part can help you overcome many of the weaknesses and fragileness of your older age. Human growth hormone therapy is what you need. There has been no other creation of medical science other than HGH that has been known for producing effective results against aging.

Medical enlightenment for HGH

Many of you might now be concerned about what is HGH. Human Growth hormone or simply Growth Hormone is one endocrine hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland located inside our brains. It constitutes around 191 amino acid chains and its secretion is decreased to a great extent as we age up. Directly or indirectly you can say that every function being performed in our body is somewhat relying on the Growth hormones human. Do you know that as you reach the age of 40, your HGH levels are around forty percent to what they used to be at the age of 20? There’s a method of determining these levels by IGF -1 but it will only confuse you.

Outcome of HGH therapy

HGH therapy has several positive effects on our body which may or may not appear soon after growth hormone administration. Moreover you may even look several years young after using these medicines for over a year. You will witness loss of unnecessary fats, restoration of lean muscle mass, reduction in facial wrinkles and improved sex drive.

Loss of unnecessary fats

The hormone called HGH activates the function performed by insulin. Using HGH medicine, the Growth Hormone produced in the body is used for the action of insulin which utilizes sugar into the muscles, nervous system and heart instead of in the fat cells. After you remove the excess fats in the abdomen, you may achieve greater sensitivity for insulin. It can not only assist in prevent but also cure the diabetes in the adults. One such case is of a model and ambassador of several products.

Mrs. Stanley 49, reports, “I had been a successful model and had done several ramp shows. Simultaneously I did several important and notable ads of the day when I was in my glorious age of twenties. However when I crossed 35, I found that my body was getting really out of shape and it had none of the flexibility and curves it used to have. Moreover I was not able to work out enough to get back that shape because of the lethargy and weariness.

The model and ambassador that once used to have work on her fingertips now was unemployed and had very insignificant ads and shows to work on. My whole career was suffering. This was nowhere near my retiring age! I consulted my doctor and he conducted certain tests on my blood and very soon found out that I was running low on HGH levels. He immediately recommended me HGH injections. I had these twice every week and soon started feeling alive again. It gave me the strength to work out again. Soon I regained the figure and weight necessary to restart my modeling jobs again. It took me roughly 10 months to have my figure back again and immediately I contacted my old employers and got selected for a really demanding and expensive modeling assignment.

Growth of Lean Muscle

You may have noticed if you are above forties that the built you had in your teens and the youth is slowly transforming into fats or getting weaker. This is also due to the absence of the excess of HGH in your system that used to be there in your youth using which you had the strength to get your muscle mass and shape. According to a reliable research an average rise of 9% can be observed in your lean body mass if you use HGH injections for around a year. Moreover you may notice around fourteen percent loss in the body fats after using HGH for just six months. You may be surprised to hear the story of one such arm wrestling champion who received his lean muscles mass and reduced the fats in no time all with the help of HGH.

Mr. Sean says, “I used to be a huge name in arm wrestling and my figure was ideal for body building. My arm wrestling skills and my muscles and built combined together got me to the cover page of several magazines. However the unbeatable arm wrestling champion started losing several matches once I reached the age of 40. Moreover my built was suffering since I wasn’t able to work out with that intensity and frequency that I used to in my youth when I had gained that built. My whole career was on stake. I discussed these problems with my doctor and just after the conduction of one simple blood test he determined that I had low levels of Human Growth Hormones. Fortunately for me, the doctor recommended me HGH injections which had to be used on a twice a week basis. Initially at the first month there was no change but at the end of second month, I started feeling younger and healthier. This new strength allowed me to start with my exercising schedule back again and within 8 months I had regained the figure and muscle mass that I used to have in my early days of arm wrestling. I owe my whole career to HGH therapy.”

Increase in Sex Drive

The rapid decrease in libido in both the males as well as the females has a direct relationship with decrease in the levels of HGH as well as testosterone in our bodies. A very reliable and accurate clinical research proved that men and women using HGH or testosterone medicine had much greater sexual potency as well as desires. Certain discussions with the people using HGH medicine showed that each and every men and women had better sexual functions with the medicine on.

Wrinkles and facial effects

The loss HGH in your system might be a great cause of the wrinkles over your face and hands. This can be a matter of distress to you since no one wishes to look so old especially if he’s just in his forties or fifties. The Growth Hormone injections help up the increase in type 2 collagen which is a great cause of elasticity in your skin.

Aid in painful joints

Often kids notice their adults having frequent complaints of pain in their joints especially their knees. Hence the adults ask their kids to come up with a little massage to receive this pain. Although you kids may find this very irritating but it’s an unfortunate situation since everybody after the age of 40’s and having loss of HGH in their body suffers from such pains.  HGH has a very prominent anabolic impact over your tissues like the cartilage and tendons. This clearly shows that with these hormones you can have accelerated recovery and have a permanent relief from all such pains inn the joints.<

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