Evidence Supporting Weight Loss Following Growth Hormone Therapy Treatment

Evidence Supporting Weight Loss Following Growth Hormone Therapy Treatment

Before the inception of the HGH era, removing the side effects of aging was considered a seemingly impossible task. Even now many of you might be hesitant to try out the HGH treatments and therapies because there have been several doubts and discrepancies regarding these methods. You must be well aware of the effects of aging and that the most distressing aspect of aging could be the ever increasing weight.

What concerns our readers is that whether or not a simple hormone working on a principle of the growth and development of the body can assist in reducing weight while the dieters waste so much of their health and money on diets and expensive weight reducing belts. weight loosing has been made less painful and easier by the HGH supplements and drugs. On the contrary some researches do claim these drugs to have very little effect on the increasing weight. Now we need to shed some light on HGH terminologies and concerns of people.

What is HGH?

The hormone named HGH is actually Human Growth Hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland found in the brain. The primary function of this hormone is to help the growth and development of the cell production. This is one reason why we have really high HGH levels in our teens and these levels start declining as we reach the age of thirties. As these hormones start declining, the adverse effects of aging are introduced to us, which could also include the rising weight.

Administering HGH medicines

As you go through the process of diagnosis when your doctor will decide which dosage is to be applied according to your condition, there is also some variety to choose from what kind of administration process is to be used. You can either have HGH pills and sprays or even HGH injections. However the pills and sprays are said to be less effective mainly because the size of the molecules to be injected is too large to be supplied by a pill. It has to be administered either in the way the insulin injections are given or through injections in the muscle. The injections are normally prescribed once a week but doctors may decide differently according to your bodily requirements.

Who is Eligible for this treatment?

You have to be certain at this point now that HGH medicines are a serious business and not everyone is entitled to it.  The basic eligibility criteria are based on the levels of HGH which could include both kids and adults. For kids who seem to be showing signs of slow growth in terms of physical health as well as mental, HGH injections can be given. Similarly adults with particularly short height or people gone through Organ transplantation etc can be given injectable HGH.

How effective is HGH in weight loss?

HGH medications are widely believed to be a great deal helpful in reducing the body fats and increase the mass. However it is not that simple. The weight loss can be in any direction and if your weight gets reduced it might be triggered indirectly through HGH therapy. The indirect nature may be due to the other effects of HGH medications.

There have been several significant cases related to HGH injections in which aged men and women having complaints of increasing weight and fats in the body start reducing weight and lost several pounds while gaining a justifiable figure and physical fitness.

One such male examinee reported: “Initially I was very low on energy and even having to cross the sitting room to kitchen used to be a tiring ordeal. In such lethargic conditions, I was gaining more and more weight in the passing days. However after using the HGH injections, I started having greater levels of energy and I felt like exercising and jogging more and with passing time I had an unexpectedly high change of about 10 Kg, which is a huge amount especially for someone my age.”

The above story was from a normal employee at the bank. However there have been stronger cases of powerful athletes and sports personalities who have used the HGH supplements and injections for their fitness to prevent signs of obesity and gain muscles mass to bring their bodies in proper shapes. Moreover many of the athletes that have lost their stamina they used to have in their youth tend to use the HGH injections to get back some of their energy from the youth. One such tennis player states:

“I played for the national leagues since the age of 19 and those days had been the ones in which I used to feel the most active and my performance was outstanding. However when I reached the age of thirties, I started losing the stamina I had. I used to get tired very easily and was out of breath in the easiest of the shots in the game. Moreover I had put on some weight and my muscles were not the same they used to be. As a result I had lost many matches and was eventually getting very uneasy about how to save my remaining few years career.

Then some of my colleagues and seniors told me about the HGH medicines and how magically they are capable of removing the negative effects of aging. I thereafter consulted my doctor and he informed me further about the dosage I should employ in order to gain body mass and reduce the unwanted weight I had gained around the belly. I was also warned about how these drugs might come under performance enhancing drugs and never employed it around the scheduled matches. The noticeable changes of the HGH injections had been really smooth and effective. I had very soon restarted my heavy exercising schedule and soon toned up my body. It was now very close to how it used to be when I joined this career. Eventually I got entry back in the sports team and my performance was much better and with greater energy. I owe my sports career to HGH injections!”

You might have seen how the HGH medications may change your lifestyle to a great extent and keep you healthy and young just as if you are still in your teens. The deficiency of Human Growth Hormones is a very common ailment and it can certainly happen to anyone as they grow old. If you are one of them suffering from aging effects then don’t hesitate to consult your doctor regarding HGH medications. You may need them and there is no one to guide you other than your doctor. Meanwhile stay healthy and get the HGH the natural way so that you don’t have to rely on injections.


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