Clearing disputation surrounding growth hormone therapy

Clearing disputation surrounding growth hormone therapy

Growth hormone injections or supplements are proven to reverse signs of aging but are there no side effects? Many a times, consumers are deceived by dishonest sellers who make high claims of reversing signs of aging. Those sellers are the main reason why people in need of genuine growth hormone therapy lose their trust in growth hormone replacement therapy. To make matters worse, the media has highlighted some of the rare side effects of growth hormone administration to such an extent that even in the presence of blatant facts, it’s really difficult to convince the people about the prowess of this medication.

When the middle aged men or women start to show symptoms like falling asleep in the middle of any TV show or getting irritable quite easily, then it’s time to address the hormonal changes occurring in your body. Most of the medical practitioners have confirmed that our doubts about hormonal changes in middle-aged men are pointless. It’s now proven that the decrease in growth hormone secretion can cause depression, irritability and consequent loss in sexual interest. This can be an onset to not just deteriorating health but also to worsening relationship.

There are patients who feel physically week and tired all the time but they don’t feel the symptoms unless it is too late. In this situation, most usually the spouses are the ones who get alerted. Often misunderstood as the sign of aging, your bone weakening, sore muscles and the increased possibility of heart problems is due to disturbed growth hormone levels in blood. These changes are recognized universally in middle-aged men and women. However, the females face the problems suddenly around 49 years whereas in case of males, the changes are gradual. Some cases have been reported where the males started to feel symptoms of declining growth hormone from as early as 35. Therefore, males and females have different needs when they go out to shop for health supplements. Yet, there are some common concerns that originate from different rumors regarding growth hormone therapy.

The biggest controversy surrounding the use of HGH injections is the possible chance of developing cancer. However, there have been no studies proving the development of cancer from HGH. The doctors recommend not to take growth hormone therapy treatment in case of existing cancer but that advice can be about any other medication. Why is it that only growth hormone therapy gets all the criticism in the world? To all those health conscious geeks here’s an eye opener

Dr. Terry confirms that growth hormone supports your body in fighting against cancer and it can further reverse the possibility of cancer attack. He further narrates that not even a single patient in 800 taking growth hormone therapy treatment has been confirmed of cancer. Alternatively, a prostate cancer patient undergoing growth hormone therapy showed marked improvement.

Another proof supporting the safety of HGH use is the fact that natural growth hormone is released in large quantities into the blood stream but does not cause any harm than why a balanced growth hormone injection is such a feared phenomenon. Besides overall health and rejuvenation, there are some people who seek arsenal of rain longevity. An incredible number of patients on growth hormone therapies felt better and regained their ability to think clearly. Recombinant growth hormone is expensive but quite effective in comparison to other pharmaceutical medications meant for body and brain rejuvenation.

There has been considerable research on growth hormone therapy in the past decade showing that elderly or aged people are benefited from growth hormone supplementation by stabilizing muscle mass, increasing skin elasticity and promoting bone density while decreasing fat. Growth hormone therapy is indicated in individuals above 40 years of age since growth hormone replacement leads to improved IGF-1 levels in blood and thereby enhancing insulin sensitivity. Growth hormone administration and monitoring usually takes place under the supervision of any anti-aging specialist.

Reduced heart disease risk

In an anti-aging conference held in Las Vegas in December 1996, a prominent growth hormone researcher Dr. Bengt discussed his research in which he studied 333 aging patients having low hormone levels. This study reveals that all these patients were more likely to die from cardiovascular diseases than the control group taking growth hormone therapy. As for the patients getting hormonal replacement therapy, a constant decline in cardiovascular disease risk is observed along with other positive symptoms. The patients achieved weight loss while there is increase healthy HDL and decline in unhealthy LDL blood fractions.

HGH as supplements

Since quite a while, the use of HGH has ended up in controversial debates. Although, there were numerous studies to prove the action of growth hormone therapy treatment against diseases and deficiency disorders, there is still much hue and cry about its use by healthy adults. Different researchers wondered about the same question and tested the effects of supplemental growth hormones on healthy adults. An exercise physiologist named Douglas Crist from the University of New Mexico took up the challenge of finding out the answer. He and his colleagues worked with eight test subjects comprising of 5 healthy men and 3 healthy women in an age group of 22 to 33. They were all given growth hormone injections thrice a week and after 6 weeks of administration, their blood samples were tested. The results proved marked increase in growth hormone levels.

Muscle building and weight loss with HGH

Most of the women might avoid the use of growth hormones since it depicts an unfeminine picture of muscular men. However, it’s not just the gain in rippling muscles that is achieved from growth hormone dose but certain other health and vitality benefits are linked to a suitable hormonal replacement therapy. Muscle building is achieved primarily due to the conversion of muscles from metabolizing fats as a fuel. Six months or so in the growth hormone therapy and your weight will fall off quickly to give you a firmly toned body.

Further evidence supporting growth hormone use

Various claims on anti-aging effects of HGH are not hollow. They originated after sufficient legitimate research that involved individuals having growth hormone deficiencies. One such profound research on the matter was conducted at Goteborg University where a decade long research proved the efficacy of this wonder hormone. The study confirmed that growth hormone is responsible for giving muscle strength that will remain the same way 5 years after the therapy.


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