Are you smart enough to address mid life crisis on time?

Are you smart enough to address mid life crisis on time

Most of the popular cultures often portray it in a humorous sense but the mid life crisis in males can have some real reasons. It’s a period in life when men feel depressed and anxious but are unable to explain their condition and even reluctant to discuss it with their partners. Here’s an assurance to all those men around 30 that you are not alone if you are having gradual decline in testosterone levels leading to erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive and depression. In the presence of low testosterone, the level of sex hormone binding globulin increases which severely impairs the body’s ability to utilize testosterone hence it’s not available for use.

Things get worse when men in their mid life have problem in sleeping. Most of the men are seen snoring after a certain age. Actually this proves that there are very few hours when men are in a state of deep sleep. This is precisely the mother of all problems. When normal sleep is hampered, symptoms like weight gain, mood swings, depression and fatigue follow naturally since the body cannot produce enough hormones needed for optimal functioning.

Addressing mid life crisis in men

When you are aware that you can face mid life crisis early, you will take all the necessary steps to avoid it. Try to stay healthy in order to avoid the possibility of problems like sexual dysfunction. For having better sleep the first thing you need to do is manage stress and in return you will have reduced irritability and symptoms of fatigue. Also try to incorporate B complex vitamin diet along with minerals like chromium and selenium to boost your energy and reduce stress.

Exercise also has a vital role in improving your feeling of well being and providing some of the most obvious physical benefits. Moreover, exercise also improves the quality of sleep in men especially those undergoing mid life changes. Furthermore, it’s wise to avoid the intake of coffee or any other stimulants before going to bed.

Another viable option most people are unaware of is the testosterone or the growth hormone replacement therapy depending upon the type of deficiency. Testosterone boosters or injections help mitigate the problems of mid life crisis in males.

How low testosterone is responsible

It is evident from various scientific literatures that the testosterone replacement therapy is indeed responsible for increasing its levels n blood and thus elating your feelings of depression and exhaustion. Some more studies are available that point out the fact that declining levels of free testosterone in blood links to various symptoms of psychological disorders including:

  • General fatigue
  • Passive attitudes
  • Loss of focus and cognitive abilities
  • Lack of interest
  • Loss of memory
  • Lowered intellectual ability

However, apart from all these signs, two major issues are part of mid life crisis in men – depression and anxiety are the two sign that show up in the absence of free bio-available testosterone. With the administration of an appropriate hormonal replacement therapy, male mid life depression can be reduced.

Do you need testosterone therapy?

Most of the symptoms of low testosterone can easily be misunderstood with something else. In most cases, it is misinterpreted with aging. Therefore, you need to through a physical examination and a series of blood tests to confirm whether or not you are having declining testosterone. If you consult a certified physician, you will be suggested to take protein-specific antigen test in order to measure testosterone levels.

If you are found deficient in testosterone beyond normal levels, your physician will discuss your condition and recommend different treatment options. Also, there are some pharmacies that offer financial counseling to help you cover the cost of male hormone replacement therapy treatment.

Most men showing the symptoms of andropause (male menopause) can be benefitted from this treatment. They can recover from the signs and symptoms of low testosterone within a few weeks of starting the testosterone therapy. Declining levels of this hormone can be tested from various blood reports. However, most people ignore these signs and symptoms until it gets too late. Most men will need to administer testosterone but deciding the time for taking the therapy is most critical.

Usually, the symptoms associated with andropause will appear in your mid life. But since you are unable to decide what’s wrong, you will ignore it for the time being and let it get worse. It’s smart to get medical help when you have increased frequency of hot flashes, loss of energy and sex drive. Besides there is an obvious bulge in your mid section telling you to get help? The sooner you get your check up for low testosterone, the better it will be for your overall health and well being.

Act smart – get male hormone replacement therapy on time!

Every individual in midlife is not recommended to take hormonal replacement therapy or administer testosterone shots. In some cases, tests reveal that the patient will consistently lose hormonal balance while there are some who don’t show a sign until they are 50. Both conditions need to be tested and analyzed and the dose for testosterone or growth hormone is prescribed according to each individual case. If you are right on time to address this issue, you will certainly be able to cure those difficult symptoms often perceived as signs of aging.

Find the hormonal replacement therapy program that is specifically tailored to address mid life crisis and thus restore hormonal deficiencies.

No matter which hormone treatment you opt for, make sure it’s done under any qualified physician’s supervision who deals with growth hormone deficiency problems.

Get your hormone levels monitored during the length of the treatment program. The initial test for checking the possibility of andropause is only the first and there would be a periodic series of other tests to find out the current level of hormone. Somewhere in the middle of the treatment, you might be suggested to reduce or increase the dose. It’s best to keep up with it.

When your health is at stake you can’t afford to take any risks so make sure you get the treatment from people who hold a solid track record in this field. Feel encouraged and hopeful only when you are guided about treatment options rather than being forced to buy hormones.

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