Anti-aging products vs. hormone replacement therapy

Anti-aging products vs. hormone replacement therapy

Amongst the hundreds of thousands of products claiming to have anti-aging effects, very few of them actually work. In this billion dollar industry very few products are actually able to reach the market. One such effective product was injectable HGH – a product that is proven to take you ten years back to your youth. However in the middle of media gimmicks and slick ads, it’s really hard for a customer to select the real product. They are often tricked into buying something useless. Although, there are various anti-aging and rejuvenation products in the market, the best one comes with a big price tag.

Growth hormone therapy is a treatment option that puts an end to all signs of aging, offering you complete relief against the painful symptoms and makes you look 10 years younger than your actual age. If you are lucky to get your hands on any other anti-aging and rejuvenation product, try not to act silly. Almost every doctor concerned with health and rejuvenation has been clear in mentioning that the true product containing age reversal nutrients is none other than recombinant growth hormone.

Administration of growth hormone under strict monitoring will cost you something around $50 a month but will certainly increase your stamina and make you look attractive. You will observe a major reduction in wrinkles and feel more energetic. Growth hormone is also a natural healer which is the reason why most doctors recommend this therapy after any major surgery.

Vitamins can be a part of anti-aging and rejuvenation therapies

The vitamins you swallow are not as effective as their injectable counterparts. Vitamins like C, D, E, A and B complex are available in the form of injections. B complex is specifically known for boosting your energy and alleviating your stressful mood. However, none of the vitamins combined can uplift you from aging. They can be prescribed as part of hormonal replacement therapy for best results. But vitamins alone can never be claimed as anti-aging product.

Another product claimed to have anti-aging effects is Chelation. It removes cholesterol, improves circulation and prevents overload from heavy metals in your body. This product is apt for patients having fibromyalgia but it cannot be proclaimed as an anti-aging product. Chelation therapy has revitalizing effects but it cannot address and rectify all signs of aging unlike hormonal replacement therapy.

Anti-aging creams

Most of the anti-products are creams or lotions that are aimed at reducing wrinkles or facial fine lines. They are sold with the slogan to make you look young. It’s true that some of these products contain anti-oxidants that rehydrates and revitalizes your skin but the effects wear out as you stop using the product. Clearly, the product works superficially and cannot restore your internal balance to make you look young. No matter how potent an anti-ager a cream contains, it cannot restore your health. What most people need to realize is the fact that aging is not all about your skin. In fact, your skin only shows few signs of aging while the symptoms are often ignored by the sufferer.

Anti-aging pills

There was a time when anti-aging pills were popular. The decline in demand is due to substitute products that are more effective and fast acting. However, some people still hit the market for anti-aging pills containing natural omega fish oils and antioxidants. They help your body combat against the action of free radicals that are responsible for creating facial lines and wrinkles. Anti-aging pills assist in active removal of harmful toxins. Thus they are pretty beneficial for reducing skin damage and aging. However, it’s not just your skin that’s aging but the whole body. And these pills don’t offer complete cure.

Avoid bedpan bullets

Some products claiming anti-aging effects are pure junk. They are sold in the form of vitamins but are more appropriately known as bedpan bullets. Some of the vitamins don’t have any benefits and on the contrary, they make you sick. Since they are only evacuated in the bedpan, they are best referred to as bullets. What really helps is the multi vitamin B complex. Vitamin C also has amazing restorative effects. However, it’s highly important to take natural vitamins rather than invest in synthetic products.

Human growth hormone – the recommended anti-aging product

Human growth hormone is the most advanced answer to your aging problems. It not only cures your apparent symptoms of aging but offers a complete rejuvenation inside out. It’s a natural immunity booster that strengthens your defense mechanism even when it naturally weakens due to aging. Besides, it’s 100% potent in stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete your youth hormones. The product is completely safe and its active and pure ingredients are effective in holding back your aging. Today, most of the health experts and doctors recommend growth hormone therapy treatment to address the problem of aging. Moreover, the masses are now realizing the potential benefits of hormonal replacement therapy.

Human growth hormone was developed to by Eli Lilly from USA to treat the growth hormone deficiencies in children while later on doctors confirmed it as a miraculous anti-aging product that can delay aging in adults. It has been proved from various clinical trials that growth hormone restores your vital functions, promotes skin thickness, development of muscles and decrease in harmful fats. The hormone naturally exists in ample quantities in youngster but declines sharply due to stress, improper diet and absence of exercise. Usually, a bad lifestyle is the prominent cause of fast decline in growth hormone levels.

The 192 amino acid long FDA approved growth hormone is packaged through different names with a slight variation in price. For instance, you will find the product as Saizen, Genotropin, or Humatrope. All these brands are promoting the real HGH but it’s better to get medical help before buying growth hormone products.

In view of the above comparison, it’s evident that several products aimed for anti-aging came and went by but the product to cast an impression was Growth hormone injection. Several patients including Lazarus have been successfully treated from the therapy. She mentions that growth hormone therapy along with vitamin supplements can reduce the pace of aging process and can even reverse some of its worst symptoms. This was a personal experience written to AA Life Inc. along with a note of thanks. There are other countless examples where people dejected from using anti-aging products finally found the elixir in the form of hormonal replacement therapy.


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