The deceiving nature of growth hormone pills

The deceiving nature of growth hormone pills

With the development of recombinant technology, exact version of human growth hormone has been developed. The technology is expensive but it was aimed to reduce the mortality rate in kids suffering from growth hormone deficiency. However, later on its design and use had been modified. Today, human growth hormone therapy is the first thing that comes to your mind when we speak of health and rejuvenation. It’s a multimillion dollar business industry primarily because much of the hype is created from the manufacturers who wish to lure people to buy their products.

One such product that caught worldwide attention are the growth hormone pills. They are usually endorsed with a claim that they slow down aging process. Our society worships beauty which is why everyone wishes to maintain their youth. Therefore, it’s very natural that people would immediately get attracted to products that are portrayed as the fountain of youth. This creates a perception that they can control their age with HGH pills.

When growth hormone was first identified in sixties, it was meant for treating kids with growth hormone deficiencies. At that time, growth hormone could not be synthesized in the lab hence it was isolated from pituitary glands in dead bodies. The growth hormone pills synthesized at that time were not as effective in controlling aging.

Our body controls the release of growth hormones and maintains a certain level in blood. But your endocrine system is not capable of dealing with the pharmaceutical excess from growth hormone pills. This could lead to various side effects. It can lead to increase in size of liver, heart or kidneys besides increasing muscles. Increase in heart size can lead to infrequent heart pumping which can be life threatening. Other potential risks of overdose include pain in joints, raised blood pressure and fluid retention problems. You must be aware that the side effects of HGH pills can get strikingly unpredictable.

HGH pills is not what you expect

Due to the rising demand for anti-aging and vitality pills, HGH medication was developed in answer to that demand. However, those pills can easily deceive you due to the simple fact that they don’t contain the actual ingredient. Most of the HGH pills are sold at a low price include fillers and are devoid of the actual ingredients so they are unlikely to give you maximum benefits. When a drug goes through the digestive system, 60% of it is lost during the digestive process.

Yet most of the people still prefer to buy HGH pills. It’s the empowering use of advertising tools with which the companies make their claims believable. Apparently, growth hormone pills face rejection since they don’t deliver the promised results. They claim to reduce signs of aging and lessen facial wrinkles. Obviously, if you were to make the buyers believe that they will shed off pounds and build muscles while they couldn’t do so with HGH pills. In the end, most of the buyers get disappointed and lose trust in other product even if it’s authentic and reliable.

Identifying effective HGH products

All those willing to make growth hormone purchase, need to know what it contains. To make growth hormone effective, there must be particular amounts of amino acids that act as growth factors. Such amino acids are actually the precursors that help in the formation of HGH. In reality, growth hormone production after a certain age is quite difficult. Most of the efforts to make HGH went down the drain. The main reason behind this was the complicated structure of growth hormone that alters easily upon isolation.

The only growth hormone product that’s viable in terms of effectiveness are human growth hormone injections because they contain the actual growth hormone component that is synthesized in your body. When injectable HGH is taken, it increases the level of growth hormone in blood. But the injectable form of HGH is unaffordable for most. Moreover, the injections can only be taken after prescriptions and are allowed only under the supervision of a health practitioner.

Can HGH supplements be an alternative to pills?

With growth hormone injections, some people associate great risks. Most of the people abuse HGH injections and raise the levels in bloodstream to cause toxicity. For those who cannot adhere to the strict rules for HGH injections can find a safe resort in the form of growth hormone supplements. Usually, the supplements are meant to increase the natural release of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland. The HGH supplements are not the hormones instead they are the precursors stimulating the production of growth hormones.

Why HGH can’t be duplicated in pill form

The actual structure and composition of growth hormone is so fragile that it can’t be duplicated in the form of pills. Just by storing it on wrong temperatures, its components can be disintegrated making rendering synthetic HGH useless. Earlier on, when synthetic growth hormone was used to stimulate growth in kids, it was administered in the form of injections. However, later on various companies duplicated the formulas of natural HGH and marketed them in the form of growth hormone pills.

Unlike injections, growth hormone pills are neither synthesized from recombinant technology, nor do they contain the active ingredients capable of reducing facial wrinkles or strengthening your immune system. The real solution to address all these problems lies in the injectable growth hormones. However, five fingers are not equal. There are some growth hormone pills that contain some beneficial ingredients.

The right HGH formulation contains the right blend of amino acids along with growth factors to stimulate the production of human growth hormone. Some of the growth hormone products marketed in the form of pills are effective in transmitting the message to the pituitary gland thereby increasing its natural production.

Today an alternative to growth hormone pills also exists and these are known as the oral sprays. Sytropin is available in the form of oral sprays that contain various growth factors and precursor amino acids essential for the synthesis of natural growth hormone. In the presence of Sytropin, the pituitary gland is stimulated to secrete more HGH. As a result some of the promised effects like gain in lean muscle mass, better immune system, weight loss and reduction in facial wrinkles is observed.


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