Sleep – perceived to be a luxury is indeed a necessity to restore HGH

Sleep - perceived to be a luxury is indeed a necessity to restore HGH

You had a good night sleep but still don’t fell refreshed in the morning. Some aging men feel miserable in the morning even after eight hours of sleep while some work alcoholic dudes feel it an achievement to stay awake all night. In fact everyone takes delight in staying up at night. Ironically, our well educated youth and well experienced mid agers seriously underestimate the importance of quality sleep. Despite the fact that everyone is willing to transform their physique into a healthier one, most of us don’t realize the importance of a proper sleep for health and fitness.

Let’s understand this importance with a little bit of science

Various chemical reactions going on inside our bodies are usually metabolic in nature. While we exercise or perform various other functions, our body is in catabolic phase. However, the real magic starts when we sleep. This is the time when our body is in anabolic phase and starts to repair itself. This is the time when growth hormone production is at its peak and the muscles start to build faster.

On the flip side, a person lacking proper sleep remains stressed out throughout the day and there are numerous other side effects.

Weight gain

Without proper sleep, you will have more craving for food since you are in the catabolic phase for a longer period and not giving any time to your body to recover from the wear and tear during the day. A recent study proves that with less than six hours of sleep in a day, around 30 percent of the people can get obese as opposed to those who take 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Sleep loss not only stimulates hunger pangs but also gives way to carbs or high fat craving.

Other health problems

When an individual is not taking the needed hours of sleep, he can very well end up in a danger zone where you can be threatened by serious health issues leading to chronic sleep disorders and the problems of cardiovascular diseases. Reduced sleep can even alleviate the high blood pressure, diabetic and stroke conditions.

Ages your skin

Without ample sleep, your body ceases to produce the normal levels of human growth hormone. On the other hand, the secretion of a destructive hormone cortisol increases which speeds up the breakdown of collagen and skin fibers thus reducing the elasticity of skin. Moreover, human growth hormone is essential to strengthen bones and muscles which is a function that gets seriously hampered due to incomplete sleep.

Can cause accidents

Deprivation of sleep can strangely be one reason of accidents. Incidentally, the Exxon Valdez oil spill is attributed as one of the accidents caused depression from incomplete sleep patterns. According to the national highway safety regulation authority, around 100,000 car crashes have been due to lack of sleep.

Makes you dumb

Our learning, thinking and cognitive abilities are somehow linked to our sleep pattern. Without proper sleep, you will lose the power of concentration, alertness and reasoning. Moreover, your timed sleep cycles are involved in consolidating your memories in your brain. It so happens that if you lack quality sleep, you won’t correctly remember what you have learnt throughout the day. This means your recalling power weakens.

Depression onset

From various studies, it has been proved that those who don’t complete eight hours sleep every night starts to feel, angry, stressed and exhausted. When these symptoms are allowed to persist, it can lead to severe depression that gets impossible to wade off.

So what’s the recipe for a good night sleep? It all goes down to depend on you whether or not you are taking 7-9 hours of sleep. This sleep period is essential for your health and longevity. During this time, the balance of HGH is naturally restored. However, when you are not taking ample sleep, growth hormone is not produced in sufficient quantities. But as a matter of fact, the reverse is also true. After a certain age, human growth hormone production declines and an individual’s sleep is badly affected. Growth hormone therapy treatment can help you recover and brings back your health and rejuvenation. It also needs to be emphasized here that it’s not the quantity of sleep that matters but the quality. The very next question that might pop up in your mind is how to get those quality sleep hours. Here are some points that might just help you.

  • It’s important to go to bed every day at the same time and also wake up in the morning at the same time. The first time you might not feel so good but after it becomes your routine, you will feel fresh, active and vibrant.
  • Make sure the place you sleep is sufficiently relaxing, quite and dark. Also if a place is too cold or warm, you might wake up during the night
  • Use a comfortable mattress for sleeping and avoid any other activity on it besides sleeping. Watching TV, or listening to music must be avoided on bed.

How Growth hormone therapy work as sleeping aid

Various dietary supplements are designed to meet the needs of people with sleep disorder. They help but to a certain extent. These supplements can support the restorative processes in overworked individuals. But there is something that brings about real heal and rejuvenation. It’s growth hormone replacement therapy that acts like a proper treatment restoring all vital functions of the body.

This is accomplished by the removal of free radicals and the stimulation of release of natural growth hormone. Thus you won’t have the symptoms resulting from oxidative stress. Moreover, some supplements are also prescribed as part of the therapy for complete health and rejuvenation. Supplements like vitamin E also assist in removing harmful free radicals or toxins from your body which further help in getting a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

From various clinical trials, it has been proved that growth hormone replacement therapy is effective in restoring your sleep patterns and providing cure against the symptoms of insomnia. Patients who have undergone this treatment enjoy a peaceful and sound sleep.

Patients going through the miseries of sleeplessness or insomnia are usually aging men and women. Lack of sleep is just one of the symptoms of declining growth hormone levels. Hence, a sleeping aid is not enough to cure the condition. Try giving HGH injections a shot and you will witness the effectiveness of recombinant growth hormone. Also those suffering from the condition of chronic insomnia will be effectively benefitted from this therapy program and will get sound sleep without any sleeping aids.


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