Medical science to eliminate concerns on safety issues regarding synthetic HGH

Medical science to eliminate concerns on safety issues regarding synthetic HGH

Adults in the middle age know well enough that weight gain is often the consequence of aging. As narrated by Gary Null in his book Power Aging: after 40, every year a pound of muscle is replaced by a pound of fat. This clearly implies that after 50, you will have 10 pounds of muscle replaced by same amount of fat. Most of the aging people already know the truth of this saying. But did they know that it’s the lack of human growth hormone that makes a man look like an ogre? You want to get rid of those pounds as conveniently as possible. If this is so you might be on your way to buy synthetic growth hormone injections.

However, in the current scenario that’s not an easy decision. Synthetic HGH is often brought to court merely for its abuse. Ironically those who are concerned about safety issues never look upon the positive effects of HGH hormonal replacement therapy. If anything needs to be brought to the court of justice then it’s the trespassers who violate the clear laws about drug use. Hormone therapy treatment, on the other hand, has been the life saver for many children with growth hormonal deficiencies. In fact, this was the very reason for which world’s brainiacs got together and developed recombinant human growth hormone.

Soon after, synthetic HGH was approved by FDA for the adult human use. However, there were some buts and ifs. The use of synthetic HGH was never allowed without a prescription. It was that time since when growth hormone supplements and hailed as an elixir to eternal life – anti-aging to be very precise. Various studies have been conducted on human subjects using HGH treatment to yield some of the most satisfying results. If it wasn’t for growth hormone replacement therapy, most men and women could have never believed that they can actually get their youth back.

Increased muscle mass, reduction in wrinkles, better sexual performance and enhanced bone density can now be regained with suitable HGH therapy treatment. Absence of those depressing symptoms is a miracle to most HGH users. On account of these changes, one feels truly back in life. For those who haven’t yet tasted the pleasures of this elixir are definitely missing on something very special.

Burton Goldberg also mentions in his book “Alternative Medicine” that the users of HGH injections or treatment, to be broader demonstrated a clear reversal in aging process. They looked young, sleek, and active and had considerable weight loss. So it’s like killing two birds with one stone, considering aging and weight gain the two birds.

Dr. James Howenstine support the idea that growth hormone injections can actually reverse 10 years of aging after getting just one year of treatment. Another research in 1987 supported the fact that young adults on the verge of aging are also capable of gaining lean muscle mass and losing body fat with the intake of synthetic growth hormone injections.

Going deeper into growth hormone injections

With recombinant growth hormone, weight loss is guaranteed without much effort like dieting or exercise. Contact a certified anti-aging specialist who will help you select a suitable therapy program comprising of a specific dose of HGH injections. As stated by Dr. Dharma in his book Brain Longevity, the patients on growth hormone therapy felt better than ever, lost weight and were able to think clearly. However, the downside to HGH is that it is expensive as compared to other rejuvenation drugs. For further understanding,

 Let’s find out what experts have to say on HGH

In a New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Daniel and his colleagues submitted the results of the treatment of 12 patients from intramuscular growth hormone. The subjects were males from the age group of 61 to 80 years. After getting hormonal replacement therapy treatment for 6 months, a 14% body fat loss and 8.8 lean muscle mass gain was observed in these men. Other changes like restored bone densities and regaining skin flexibility were also evident in the users. With this survey, it was concluded that the overall deterioration or signs of aging appear on your body with growing age but is not inevitable.

Subsequent to this submission, there were countless other surveys that confirm the positive effects of growth hormone therapy. Another interesting study of Dr. Rudman reveals that six months of HGH injections produces changes that are equivalent in magnitude to the ones that occurred in your last 10 to 20 years. Simply put, the people taking HGH had age reversal.

According to scientific research, weight loss from appropriate growth hormone replacement therapy is possible because HGH makes fat available to be used for energy generation. With growth hormone treatment, 14.4% of body fat is mobilized which in turn improves your exercising capacity and increases stamina. Moreover, with increased levels of human growth hormone in blood, repair to damaged heart muscles is increased. Medical science also proves the reduced risk of pulmonary or liver disorders and better oxygen uptake with hormonal therapy treatment especially for the patients suffering from emphysema. Besides apparent changes, growth hormone injections are also known to prevent organ shrinkage, reduce the risk of hypertension and diabetes. Growth hormone therapy is also suggested for the following conditions:

  • For atherosclerosis or plaques
  • In chronic fatigue
  • Immune suppression
  • Muscle wasting in Aids
  • Autoimmune self attack, a condition known as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Enlarged prostate

HGH suppresses all these health conditions to provide you longevity. However, synthetic growth hormone must not be taken in excess just like any other drug, there can be multiple growth hormone side effects if taken beyond prescription.

Just imagine a person who has excess production of HGH naturally. He will also be having a diseased condition. So if the natural HGH in excess is having side-effects, even a layman can understand that excessive use of synthetic hormone will have them too.

Meanwhile the FDA approved recombinant human growth hormone is safe in use kids with growth hormone deficiencies or adults lacking the hormone or the aged people having declining growth hormone levels. Despite opposition from various fronts, HGH still remains to have worldwide demand. Since it’s every man’s and woman’s dream to look attractive, stay healthy and truly enjoy life, the stipulation for health and rejuvenation products can never end.

Medical science has eradicated concerns on unsafe use of growth hormone in the past and will continue to do so. However, it also depends on the users to avoid misuse or overdose and better get a prescription before buying growth hormone injections or products.


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