A guide to cost analysis and purchase decision for HGH

A guide to cost analysis and purchase decision for HGH

No matter in which part of the world you live, the cost of human growth hormone, anti-aging and rejuvenation therapies seems to be out of reach for most people. Everyone desires to get the health and physique of their youth, but with a monstrous cost, procuring the treatment is impossible for most. In this scenario, most of the scams and frauds take advantage and invest their resources to fool a majority of population willing to look young again and get rid of aging signs and symptoms.

Such desperate aging men and women make an easy prey who fall for the promotional and marketing gimmicks claiming to offer growth hormone and rejuvenation therapies at low price. A clever buyer would know that reducing the cost of the growth hormone replacement therapy is currently not feasible plainly due to the fact that recombinant technology involved in the making adds to the cost.

Hence, all those buyers who want anti-aging therapies need to get guidance and cost analysis before they take the purchase decision. Before going deep into the product cost analysis, the patient in need of this therapy must also find out “what is human growth hormone?”

Basic guidance on growth hormone therapy

HGH is produced in the hypophysis region of pituitary gland. The hormone is released into the blood from where it is transported to various organs. The hormone is mainly responsible for tissue growth and maintenance.

In the early age, hypophysis produces human growth hormone is large quantities and the release is maximized during puberty. However, when your body gets old and everything slows down, the release of human growth hormone also reduces gradually. With better lifestyle conditions and longer lives, it’s now more important than ever to restore your health and vitality in old age which is why HGH is presented as the elixir of youth that improves your skin appearance, boosts energy and improve sleep patterns.

Growth hormone insufficiency raises the need to get medical help. Sometimes, this phase comes earlier in your lives while some don’t feel a thing until they reach their 50s. In any case, you need to get a prescription for buying HGH. Read on to find out how reliable growth hormone can be purchased from online forums.

Buy growth hormone online

First and foremost is the consultation with a reliable doctor who has specialized in this field. Your physician will inquire about growth hormone deficiency symptoms like pain in muscles or joints, or unexplained swelling in arms or legs. In case, a patient suffers from these likely symptoms, your doctor will suggest you to take growth hormone therapy treatment after some tests.

Most of the doctors prescribe a proper treatment plan usually comprising of 6 months of dose of HGH injections. As opposed to the growth hormone supplements, injections are approved from Food and Drug Administration. Thus the injectable HGH can be safely administered to correct your hormonal imbalances. And this is known to be the most effective means of treatment.

All you have to do is order, the real and genuine growth hormone online once you have the prescription from the doctor. Besides, if there are any supplements that are part of the hormonal replacement therapy program, a physician can help you there.

For ordering online, make sure you fax a copy of insurance information. Those who already have drug prescription insurance can send a copy in order to facilitate the billing procedure from the online drug store. The patient undergoing hormonal replacement therapy also needs to contact the insurance company to make sure they cover for the medication. For those who lack prescription insurance can look up into the various prescriptions assistance programs. While buying HGH online, keeping your eyes open for any scams trying to offer free medication or free treatment since the real growth hormone treatment is quite expensive.

Cost of synthetic growth hormone

If your aim is to build muscles, growth hormone injections can greatly reduce the time you need for it. Weight lifting training can certainly help but will take longer. With growth hormone injections you can develop a good musculature even if you have a flabby abdomen without having the trouble of frequent gym exercises. The only problem is the apparently unbearable cost. Synthetic HGH has a cost that starts from $800 to 2500 a month. If this hindrance wasn’t there, everyone would have been moving around buffed. Obviously we don’t see it that way.

A slight misuse of HGH is both dangerous and illegal and injecting HGH injections yourself can be risky which is why you will need a typical prescription from your doctor. Usually, a prescription comprises of two injections daily for six days a week. Due to this prohibitive cost, use of growth hormone injections is limited to the rich people.

However, various alternatives to HGH injections are available which are not as effective but greatly supplements the hormone replacement therapy if it is taken soon after the appearance of signs of aging. HGH supplements also known as releasers are signal the pituitary gland to release more HGH. Unlike, the synthetic growth hormone, releasers are made from natural substances that stimulate the release of HGH. It’s like giving a slight push and the body does the rest. Since the manufacture of HGH releasers is not as extensive a procedure as the synthesis of recombinant growth hormone, the cost is much affordable. Moreover, the HGH produced in this way is secreted from the pituitary hence it will have no side effects.

On the flip side, synthetic growth hormone injections can likely be rejected by your body in some cases which can result in serious health threats and may result in sexual dysfunction. To find out more in this regard, you need to consult a medical practitioner who will suggest growth hormone therapy treatment options after conducting your complete physical examination. The results from your tests will then be analyzed to check whether or not you have any major growth hormone deficiency or not.

Subsequently, your reporting physician will prescribe you an appropriate dosage of growth hormone injections. Usually, the therapy takes about 6 months and during this span you need to stay in touch with your doctor. If you are serious about this treatment, you will have to stick to the plan. Although, the whole treatment can be a little expensive, the end result is certainly worth the money you are paying. At least, it’s better than wasting your money for no results.


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